Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

November 27, 2019

Tohono O'odham Ofelia Rivas 'Destruction, obstruction and distraction on border' podcast by Moccasin Tracks

Ofelia Rivas at the Inter American Commission on Human Rights.
in jamaica: Photo Brenda Norrell 
Ofelia Rivas on Moccasin Tracks
by D. Reger's Podcast

Ofelia Rivas speaks about the Tohono O'odham homelands and the ancestors, as the destruction, obstruction and distractions disturb the sacred way of life.

Music Credits:John Trudell, Crazier Than Hell CD, These Memories, Asitis Productions; John Trudell, AKA Grafitti Man, Rich Man's War, Asitis Productions; LakouMizik, HaitaNola CD, Cumbancha, songs: Renwen and La Fanmi Picture of Ofelia by In this podcast from the radio show Moccasin Tracks, Nov 25, we talk with Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham Nation,who shares a perspective of a Nation that has been protecting land and sacred sites. Some decisions made by the Nation's leaders is bringing a military presence to their traditional territory that has been interrupted by the so-called wall being built by US Govt. Ofelia talks about what it is like to be a traditional Tohono O'odham woman and the challenges every day her people live with that are not natural.  Moccasin Tracks is heard weekly at WGDR Community Radio broadcasting from Goddard College, Mondays 9AM-10:30AM (eastern) archived at We are syndicated on Pacifica Radio Network weekly, contact us for more information and thank-you for your interest and for listening! Tracks host, producer and audio editor is Deb Reger

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