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July 30, 2020

Albuquerque Indigenous organizations rise against fascism: Call to action on July, 31, 2020

Photo by The Red Nation


CALL TO ACTION! Indigenous Organizations Rise Against Fascism


The Red Nation Albuquerque Freedom Council, Indigenous Women Rising, Pueblo Action Alliance, YUCCA Action


CALL TO ACTION! No Fash! No Feds! No Cops! No ICE! LANDBACK!

Thirty-five federal agents have been deployed to Albuquerque as a part of Trump’s Operation Legend, and the Albuquerque Police Department has received a significant budget increase amidst calls to defund the police. What we are seeing is a literal occupation in the style that the U.S. has carried out in their imperialist interventions all over the world. Their infamous scorched earth tactics that form the foundation of U.S. imperialism were developed through the genocide of Native people all throughout Turtle Island. Make no mistake; this is fascism. It has never been more urgent for us to make it clear that the people hold the power and that we must challenge this cancerous fascism at all turns. Let us continue the momentum of the movement against police violence, and policing as we know it, that our Black and African relatives have pushed forward. Let us continue the traditions of resistance to colonialism that our ancestors laid out for us. We have never been closer to creating a truly life-affirming world.
We’re calling on all to support this action! Let’s make it clear that Burque has power in numbers!
As the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies we are centering healthcare workers and teachers because they are on the frontlines of this crisis and made to be disposable under Trump's regime.

Friday, July 31, 2020 and6PM

Downtown Albuquerque, NM at 4th and Lomas

The origin of police in the US is rooted in systemic racism, slavery, and land dispossession. Volunteer militias composed of white settlers hunted and captured enslaved Africans attempting to escape bondage. They slaughtered Indigenous people to clear the land for more plantations. Their function has always been to wield violence to protect capital and private property. They didn’t even bother to change the famous star-shaped badge that the early catchers of enslaved Africans and Indian killers were given. Today, militias have been springing up and terrorizing oppressed communities all over the US in the name of keeping order and protecting private property. In New Mexico some of these militias and groups are the New Mexico Civil Guard, Proud Boys, Three Percenters, and Oath Keepers. These groups create themselves in the image of these early volunteer militias. They are not confused about their origins and purpose. In the many uprisings that are taking place all over the U.S. in response to police brutality, it is difficult to even visually distinguish police, federal agents, and militia members from each other. They work and move together and aid in the brutalization and killing of protesters and even random bystanders. Trump’s Operation Legend is an occupation reminiscent of the way the U.S. occupies so many parts of the global south, stealing land, and resources, overthrowing democratically elected leaders, and suppressing revolutions, all in the name of securing their imperialist stronghold. We know that nearly every instance of fascism throughout the 20th and 21st centuries have been directly influenced by the scorched earth tactics of the US, most famously genocidal tactics that inspired Hitler’s Nazi Germany. What we are seeing today is fascism in its most blatant and simple form. We must understand that what is at stake is not isolated to the U.S. or global North but the whole world. As COVID-19 continues to skyrocket, climate change devastates eco-systems beyond repair and the world stands on the edge of complete devastation, it is apparent that what is at stake is all life on Earth, when we say Decolonization or Extinction, we mean it literally.



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