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July 19, 2020

Federal secret agents snatch protester, shoot another in the head in Portland, Oregon


Mark Pettibone snatched by camouflaged men who did not identify themselves and put in an unmarked van, blindfolded and taken to an unidentified location. Watch video below.

Federal secret agents snatch protester, shoot another in the head in Portland, Oregon

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Disappearing people on the street: Camouflaged, unidentified rogue men in unidentified vans, kidnapping, blindfolding and taking people on the street to an undisclosed location. This happened in South America. It also happened in Portland this week. It appears that the US Border Patrol now believes it can legally wear unidentified camouflage outfits and use unmarked vans. (See The Nation article link in this article.) It appears the Border Patrol may be using the Portland disappearance of a young man this week as a test run. Meanwhile in June, the US Marshals flew a plane over Portland that could collect cell data from tens of thousands of people. It caused an outcry from  Congressmen to push for a probe. It was tracked to a front company in Texas. In breaking news, a new task force believes it has unlimited powers under Trump's directive to protect monuments and statues.

PORTLAND, Oregon -- A young man walking home from a protest was snatched by men in camouflage, put in an unmarked van with his eyes covered and taken to an undisclosed location for interrogation. The U.S. Border Patrol special ops BORTAC and U.S. Marshals Service have been confirmed in the operation.

Secret federal police are in the new Protecting American Communities Task Force.

The Nation obtained an internal memo describing a special task force created by the Department of Homeland Security in response to Trump’s Executive Order on 'Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence.' That task force, the Protecting American Communities Task Force (PACT), has been tasked not only to assess civil unrest but also to “surge” resources to protect against it, the Nation reports. 

Portland feds
Federal officers open fire on demonstrators with tear gas and "less-lethal” munitions at Portland, Ore.'s Federal Courthouse. (John Rudoff / Sipa USA)

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown demanded federal troops leave Portand. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler demanded Friday that President Donald Trump remove militarized federal agents he deployed to the city after some detained people on streets far from federal property they were sent to protect.

“Keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city,” Mayor Wheeler said at a news conference.

The ACLU of Oregon filed a lawsuit after a protester was shot in the head and his face and skull fractured. The ACLU sued the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Marshals Service. 

"These agents have been indiscriminately using tear gas, rubber bullets, and acoustic weapons against protesters, journalists, and legal observers. Federal officers also shot a protester in the head Sunday with a rubber bullet fracturing the person’s face and skull," the ACLU said.

Mark Pettibone was snatched on the street in Portland by men in camouflage, thrown in an unmarked van, his eyes covered and taken to an undisclosed destination for interrogation. The camouflaged men did not identify themselves, tell him what he was charged with, or where they were taking him. More at: Oregon Public Radio interviews Mark Pettibone

U.S. Border Patrol's Mission Creep

The Border Patrol special ops BORTAC have also been stalking Tohono O'odham elderly women on their Tohono O'odham Nation homeland. One U.S. Border Patrol special ops agent pulled a gun on an isolated elderly O'odham and was identified, by way of a photograph, as a BORTAC agent based El Paso, Texas.

The Nation reports that Jenn Budd, former senior Border Patrol agent, said drones at the border and other surveillance increased after 9/11 and the Title 42 pandemic law.

“‘Mission creep’ is what CBP, Border Patrol, and ICE have been engaged in since 9/11,” Budd said. “There are all sorts of interesting powers that CBP, ICE and Border Patrol have under Title 42 pandemic law, which has been triggered with Trump’s Covid-19 national emergency declaration. Even though he claims we should not be in pandemic lockdown, he refuses to lift the emergency declaration because this gives these agencies more authority. All of this is legal because of vague and broad authorities given to these agencies after 9/11," the Nation reported.

Press targeted in Portland

In Portland, the ACLU lawsuit was filed on behalf of legal observers and local journalists. The named plaintiffs include The Portland Mercury; Matthew Lewis-Rolland, a freelance photographer who federal agents shot 10 times in the back on Sunday; Justin Yau, a freelance journalist who federal agents attacked with tear gas; and Doug Brown, a legal observer who federal agents threatened to shoot. The individuals were wearing high-visibility shirts that said 'PRESS' or 'legal observer,' the ACLU said.

Oregon lawmakers are demanding a probe of a plane that U.S. Marshals flew over  Portland that could gather the cell phone data of tens of thousands of people. The plane was tracked to a false front alarm company in Texas. Read more at Oregon Public Radio

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