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July 3, 2020

Natives helping Natives in Rapid City: Meals for Relatives COVID-19 Rapid Community Response

By Natalie Stites Means
Photos by Chantelle Blue Arm, Bobbi Jean Jarvinen
Karissa Ortman Loewen and Natalie Stites Means
Censored News

We serve COVID19 positive families committed to quarantine. Especially the families whose matriarchs are sick and cannot cook for their families for 14 days. While need is not necessary for aid, we ask that people who can physically cook for themselves do so and we will assist with groceries.

Since May 10th, we have provided a homemade meal a day to 26 households, providing over 1100 meals and at least 32 aid packages+ to families in quarantine and isolation in Rapid City. We have also distributed 2400 cloth and disposable masks.

Half of Pennington County COVID-19 cases are Native American people. We are not seeing the relief on the ground that families need to isolate, survive and heal from the virus. We believe our numbers will continue to rise if families are not properly and directly assisted to quarantine with basic necessities and humanitarian aid.

We aim to provide an aid package for each family, supplemental supplies as necessary for two weeks, and a daily cooked meal for the whole household.

We need more volunteers to drive, make drop deliveries, procure food, procure medicines, procure supplies, and prepare, cook and package food for households in quarantine.

When we get more resources, we are interested in food aid by purchasing fresh, organic, nutrient-rich groceries for families for at least 2 weeks, prevention and more PPE, aftercare, and financial assistance for survivors and their families.


We are Natives helping Natives. This is an entire gift and volunteer-driven project. #FoodisMedicine #MealsforRelatives #MniLuzahanTiospaye #MealsAidRelief

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