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July 23, 2020

Spirit of the Mountain Runners: Apache Run from Oak Flat to Mount Graham

By Vanessa Nosie
Censored News

(Three days ago) I ask everyone to please keep my father and my youngest daughter in prayer. As they have started the spiritual run from Oak Flat to Mount Graham. This years run will definitely be different and have it’s obstacles since, not only is Mother Earth hurting but so is mankind. The coronavirus has changed this world and has taken so many people. My father and daughter are running in prayer for everyone in this world that someday not only will the destruction on Mother Earth stop but also for a miracle to stop this virus.

We definitely miss all those that run with us every year and excited to meet new faces which breaks our heart but please where ever you are pray for us and run or walk in solidarity with us.

My dad, Báásé, and Morgun reached their destination for the first part of the Spiritual Mt. Graham Run. As we lay our prayers down for everyone in this world, continue to keep us all in prayer. Thank you all for the support you all have shown. We will start again tomorrow. Blessings to all.

At 5:30 pm this evening we started Part 2 of the 29th Annual Sacred Mountain Graham Run. As we continue to pray for the world, please keep us in your prayers. My father Wendsler Nosie Sr. would like to thank those who came out in support of this run today. Thank you to everyone for abiding the CDC guidelines. This year’s run is unique because of the COVID-19 pandemic by not letting us interact with one another. Runners today were able to see first hand that it is not just the physical world that has changed but our spiritual world to.

At 7:45pm we reached our destination for the night. Thank you all for your support and prayers, It means a lot to all of us. My father and those that ran today appreciate it and are extremely thankful. We finished the run as the sun was setting with praying for everyone in this world. In order to defeat the evil in this world, it will be continuous prayer that will defeat it all. Continue to keep us in prayer.

Naelyn Pike said, "Today we prepare our part three journey to Mt. Graham. Yesterday’s run was beautiful. With our small group we were able to accomplish the second part of our personal journey. Being able to watch my young cousin run for his first time was amazing. It surely gives hope that the next generation will carry this fight. I am one proud cousin!"

"Support near and far is needed. Our travels will only succeed through our prayers together. When we carry the staff each of us are praying for the world and it’s healing but not just for mankind, but for our mother, the earth. With every run we are closer to freedom, breaking our invisible chains."

At 6:30 am the Mt. Graham Sacred Run began part 3 of the sacred journey. Please keep us all in prayer and as we are praying for everyone and everything in this world.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Spirit of the mountain runners are 15 miles to Pima. Sending prayers from Mt.Graham, Oak Flat, to Mauna Kea, and all the holy place that are being desecrated.

Yesterday, Wednesday: At 12 pm the Spirit of the Mountain Runners reached the destination of part 3 of our spiritual journey. Though we’re limited on runners due to this virus but our prayers our strong and carried us today making great time. Thank you to the District of Bylas for showing your support. People coming out to the roadside cheering and sharing kind words, donating water and snacks, and honking the horns, lifted our spirit. A’hiyee (thank you) to everyone.


"We are home! The Spirit of the Mountain Runners reached their final destination. We are truly thankful for all your support and prayers. Those prayers helped lift us and get us to our holy mountain. We know everyone who couldn’t be with us on this run was with us in spirit, and those that have passed on was with us also, protecting us on this sacred journey.

To be home where they exiled our people off the mountain and told us never to come back, but that will never happen since we will continue to exist and protect all Usen (Creator) creations. We will remain." -- Vanessa Nosie

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