Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

July 3, 2020

'Trump Go Home!' Live from Mount Rushmore 'Honor the Treaties'

Lakotas arrested at Mount Rushmore as they blocked the road. Arrested in the Spirit of Crazy Horse, defending the Black Hills from Trump and white supremacy.

Trump ignored Oglala and Cheyenne River Lakota leaders, violated the nation to nation relationship, disrespected Lakota and Treaties, lashed out at those opposing him at Mount Rushmore, as his #coronavirus-spreading rallies continue across the U.S. fueling white supremacy.
Lakota women arrested at Mount Rushmore roadblock now. "You stole this land!" one Lakota woman yelled. One Lakota man yelled, "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse. In the Spirit of Russell Means." Arrests underway now. -- Censored News
Anyone who doesn't disperse will be arrested in 30 minutes. "We will not disperse. We will defend our land." Mount Rushmore roadblock. "Today has been a proud day to be Lakota. We put this place on lockdown for three hours. We found that power from our Ancestors."

"The land doesn't want you here! You've already spilled enough blood colonizers!" Native woman yells, holding the line at the roadblock to Mount Rushmore. Pepper balls and mace or pepper spray have been fired. Police putting on gas masks now.

Watch live below.

Police now spraying Native resisters at roadblock with mace or pepper spray.

National Guard are putting gas masks on. Police are firing pepper ball pellets at Native Women blocking road to Mount Rushmore.

"This is our land!" Lakota Dakota women yell at police.

Native women standing strong for stolen sisters, holding back police in riot gear, road is blocked to Mount Rushmore. Trump expected here by 8 pm.

"This is our land! You stole our mothers! You stole our land!'

Road blocked by Native women. Police threatening arrests.
Screenshots by Censored News. Livestreams from Mount Rushmore.

Live by Unicorn Riot:

Live from Johnny Dangers


OnceSmitten said...

Please get out of there, people. This president is like Hitler. He wants civil war and if he shows up and there is a confrontation he can declare Marshal Law. He is failing as president and his only way out of losing the election, which he cannot stand to consider because his mind is not normal, he will use it as an excuse to take the country over and make the military his own to command. You are brave, he is a coward of the first water and he wants civil war and will do anything to trigger it. Please go home tonight and let him thinks he's won. It will be an empty victory for him and he will lose the election. If you oppose him now it may be much more butchery than you can even imagine, and you can imagine a lot because it's in your history. Take care of yourselves and your people and get the hell out of there. This is the worst time to confront him. He is desperate and he has the united states military at his disposal.

Unknown said...

We Stand with the Lakota, Honor the Treaties, Bill Little Eagle. Cherokee.