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July 3, 2020

Oglala Lakota President to Mr. Trump: 'The people are angry, it is in our DNA to fight for these lands'

Oglala Lakota President to Mr. Trump, 'The people are angry, it is in our DNA to fight for these lands'

"It is not just a threat to my people, but a threat to the land and it is a threat to mankind in general and to human life." -- Oglala Lakota President Julian Bear Runner

Article by Brenda Norrell
News coverage by MSNBC
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Oglala Lakota President Julian Bear Runner sent a letter to Mr. Trump and advised him that he is not permitted to enter the Treaty Territory at this time because of the lack of consultation with the Great Sioux Nation and the lack of correspondence with the Great Sioux Leaders.

Speaking on MSNBC television news, Bear Runner said that Trump made no effort to sit down with the Great Sioux Leaders to seek a plan to go about celebrating his Independence Day at Mount Rushmore.

"It is very hard to remain diplomatic due to the lack of consultation," Bear Runner said of Trump's plans at Mount Rushmore today, July 3.

"For my people, it is in our DNA to fight for these lands, to defend these lands, and to protect what is sacred. Mount Rushmore is carved on one of our most sacred mountains within the Black Hills."

"The people are angry," Bear Runner said, adding that he will stand with them and help them in every way that he can to do what is right.

Bear Runner said the mountain represents six of his people's grandfathers, six of their ancestors, and had a sacred and significant meaning prior to the carving of these presidents.

As for the gathering today, July 3, Bear Runner said his people and people from across America are reaching out to him who want to come and stand with the Great Sioux Nation, and exercise their Amendment Rights to protest and to demonstrate.

With the worldwide pandemic, he said they are encouraging members to exercise safety and wear protective gear.

Bear Runner said he frowns on Trump coming here because the governor of South Dakota has said there will be no social distancing, and masks will not be required.

Bear Runner said across America and the world these precautions are advised for protection during this pandemic.

"It is not just a threat to my people, but a threat to the land and it is a threat to mankind in general and to human life."


Unknown said...

If you cannot respect their Nation don't go in their territory it's there's they've asked you not to come then don't go if I could be there to protest and stand with the great Sioux Nation that's what I would be but like most Americans I'm poor because of our greedy government if I was there I would have my mask my gloves and my hand sanitizer it's common courtesy there's a pandemic

OnceSmitten said...

A confrontation now is exactly what Trump wants. He is a sociopath, aka, Narcissistic personality disorder. He cannot experience empathy, and he has a large following of violent people. Plus there is a pandemic on, and he is failing as president. A confrontation now with the Native American Nation will result in his being able to declare Marshal law. That will make him commander of the military and able to use it on the people of the united states, transforming it into a dictatorship. And if he does not do that he does have the Blackwater paramilitary at his disposal. They are a private army. If he is confronted by Native Americans tomorrow it will be suicide for the Native Americans and genocide for everyone he perceives as opposition. History has shown us this thousands of times. The Pandemic is bringing him down, along with the rioting, and he will show no restraint. DO NOT ENGAGE. This is the worst possible time to go to war with the President. Get out of there now. If you are even just protesting and the president shows up you will be seen as the threat, not he. Go back to your villages and take care of your people. Covid is taking down a tremendous number of Republicans because they are protesting against the use of masks and Trump's popularity is condensing into a smaller amount of people every day. If you confront him now it will be an excuse for him to declare Marshal law. Your anger is easily used against you by someone incapable of empathy. Do not mistake him for normal in any capacity. He is diabolical and capable of enormous harm to the Native American Nation. Please, I beg of you, stay away from the Monument tomorrow. It's too visible and that is a great temptation for someone who cannot feel his own presence except as how it is reflected back to him by other people. He is a madman with more firepower at his disposal that anything you have ever faced, and I mean even your military vets will not be more than pink fog when he's through. Get out of there and hold a vigil in your villages. He will interpret it as a victory. Do not taste that bait. You won't live though it and your people will suffer terribly or be annihilated.