Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

July 20, 2020

Kumeyaay defend sacred land from border wall construction July 20, 2020

Photos by Randolph Pinto

"The creator is with us, our ancestors are with us, we are never alone my friends, my cousins don't forget who we are or where we come from, we are the star people, we were formed long ago from the earth and water, our mission is to protect the balance between man and nature. If you are my Kumeyaay brothers and sisters or a pure human being you have POWER! We have power! And a responsibility,  be proud, be selfless and listen to our elders, and we will prevail against those who don't understand us." -- Randolph Pinto

Photo Blue Eagle Vigil
Kumeyaay Nation protest the construction of the border wall atop their ancestral lands in the Laguna Mountains.

'Good day so far holding it down at the wall
Continuing to move in a good way with our prayers honoring the ancestors doing our best to #defendthesacred keep us in your prayers today send good thoughts out way.' We have 2 groups shutting down two parts of the wall today. The day is only half over.'

Photo Blue Eagle Vigil

Photo Blue Eagle Vigil

Photo by Randolph Pinto
Late Monday:
U.S. Border Patrol tries to intimidate Kumeyaay.
Photo by Randolph Pinto
Breaking news late on Monday:
U.S. Border Patrol blocked the road, but the people continued to walk to the site.

Photos copyright Blue Eagle Vigil and Randolph Pinto, may not be used without permission.

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