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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Water Protectors Shut Down Enbridge Line 3 Worksites Aug. 11, 2021

Water Protectors Shut Down Multiple Enbridge Line 3 Worksites

Giniw Collective
August 11, 2021

PARK RAPIDS, Minnesota -- On Wednesday, August 11, two worksites were shut down by Water Protectors in solidarity with Indigenous peoples who have been fighting the Line 3 tar sands pipeline for seven years. At the Shell River, a side boom and two excavators were stopped.

“We will continue to stand with our relatives who have been fighting extraction and have continued to provide a voice for the land they steward,” said one water Protector locked down.

COVID-19 Continues to Spread in Navajo Area Schools

COVID-19 Continues to Spread in Navajo Area Schools Aug. 11, 2021

Update August 16, 2021
The State of New Mexico reports a new surge in coronavirus today, August 16, with 5 employees at Smith's grocery in Farmington, N.M. testing positive. Area schools in Kirtland and Aztec, and businesses show an increase in cases during the past 10 days. In Gallup, Home Depot reports 2 employees have tested positive. New Mexico is the only state in the Four Corners region that provides daily updates. Statewide data at:

 August 13, 2021
As schools reopen, there are 10,000 teachers and students in quarantine in 14 states, Washington Post reports. Meanwhile, the State of New Mexico, the only Four Corners state reporting outbreaks daily, shows more than a dozen schools with outbreaks in the Farmington, Bloomfield, Kirtland, Shiprock and Gallup region. Navajo Times reports a student at Pinon High School in Arizona has tested positive. Tucson Schools in Arizona show 9 teachers and staff, and 16 students testing positive.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
August 11, 2021

The State of New Mexico reports a new outbreak of coronavirus in Kirtland, NM, Middle School, with two cases today. Since August 1, virus cases have been reported in 12 schools and day care centers in Shiprock, Kirtland, Bloomfied, Farmington and Aztec, in San Juan County. The schools are listed below.

Mohawk Nation News 'The Biggest Secret' with audio


Mohawk Nation News 

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AUDIO: Listen at MNN:

MNN. 11, 2021. Two Members of Parliament, Mumilaaq Qaqqaq and Charlie Angus, are being set up to make it look as if we are going to get justice. They call for a criminal Investigation into genocide and murders of Indigenous People. They ask Justice Minister David Lametti to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate their own murders of our children in over 158 former residential schools and health centers across the country. We want an independant investigation under our jurisdiction. The Crown and Canada want to control the information and to protect themselves, the authorities, bureaucrats, priests, teachers, nuns. RCMP and staff who were hired to kill off the indigenous population. Meantime Canada and the churches are busy destroying documents and evidence and trying to stop us from our own investigation.

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