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Thursday, March 10, 2022

COLORADO -- Colorado Springs Cops Attempt to Entrap Activists: Denver Spy Files Revealed Police Spying for a Decade

Russell Means, Colorado Capitol, Columbus Day Protest Denver

Columbus Day Protest Denver

Censored News is republishing our coverage of the Denver spy files, which spanned a decade, following the current exposure that an undercover cop in Colorado Springs attempted to entrap activists.

Undercover cop attempts to entrap activists in Colorado Springs with illegal firearm purchases: March 2022

An undercover, pink-haired undercover cop in Colorado Springs, attempted to create crimes, and ensnare activists in illegal firearms purchases. Even a mutual aid group was targeted. This current case in Colorado is a reminder of how Denver cops spied on everyone who supported Big Mountain, Peltier and AIM, in the 1990s. Even a grandmother with a Peltier bumper sticker and their attorneys were followed. The documents came out during discovery during a court case. The current Colorado Springs covert operation reveals how undercover cops target organizers, and attempt to entrap them, including those in Black Lives Matter, and shows that COINTELPRO continues.

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The targeting of Denver AIM continued at Standing Rock in 2016, when FBI operative Heath Harmon of Fort Berthold set up Red Fawn, resulting in her long prison sentence.

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American Indian Movement, Big Mountain Support Group, Sen. Abourezk -- targeted in Denver Police Spy Files, which spanned a decade

By Brenda Norrell
Published in 2002

DENVER, Colo. – The “Denver Spy Files,” given the name by the ACLU in a federal lawsuit, reveals that the Denver Police Department Intelligence Bureau kept secret files on American Indian leaders and their allies, including Wilma Mankiller, John Echohawk, and former South Dakota Sen. James Abourezk.

“I didn’t like it and I think there should be a law against it. It should be stopped,” said Abourezk, an attorney in Sioux Falls.

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