Saturday, October 6, 2012

Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon: Words for non Columbus Day

Grandma Edna Gordon, Seneca Hawk Elder, 90 years old
Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon
We, the People of a
Divided Nation

Columbus did not

discover America,

The Indians

Discovered Columbus.

Columbus went to India,

so, they called us Indians.

We Are: "O quay O Weh"

[The Real People}

In this Rapid, Changing Era,

For Peace, We Need to

Rediscover America, If, We

are to Survive, For the

Future Generations.

The most Important

Need today,

is to Discover

the Inner Self,

"The Landscape of the

Mind and the Soul",

to Walk In Unity,

Equality, and Spirituality

on the

"Pathway Of Peace"

               Seneca Hawk Elder - Edna Gordon

Thank you Grandma Gordon for sharing with Censored News


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