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October 9, 2012

'Holocaust Denial' Terrance Nelson responds to National Post

Holocaust Denial

Terrance Nelson Responds to National Post

National Post article: Concern that First Nations will be used as pawns as former chief to meet with Iranian leaders

October 9, 2012

By Terrance Nelson, Roseau River First Nation
Censored News

The National Post is owned by the Aspers, the Jewish family that is
building the Human Rights Musuem in Winnipeg. The Aspers has invited
Aboriginal people to be part of the Musuem. The problem is that
National Post has published articles that are not only extremely
racist against the indigenous people, the articles are filled with
hate against indigenous people.

In December 2006, I as Chief, responded to the National Post and it's
hate filled articles against our people. See attached Holocaust Denial
in America which is information that was written in 2006, so my
attempts to deal with the racism in the National Post is nothing new.
The Chiefs at the time lined up to condemn David Ahenakew. The Chiefs
who were scared of the Jewish media lined up to condemn an old man who
made a mistake but never once did I hear those same Chiefs condemn the
Jewish writers who penned hate filled articles against our people. My
question to the Chiefs who condemned Ahenakew is what did you get from
the Aspers that you should be so kind to the National Post today. The
same Chiefs will line up to condemn me on my trip to Iran.

The National Post printed an article that contained the following
paragraphs regarding my trip to Tehran.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam, an Iranian-Canadian activist and and president of
Stop Child Executions, which advocates for minors on death row in
Iran, said she would not put it past Mr. Ahmadinejad’s government to
ask First Nations people to monitor Iranian-Canadians.

“I do not believe First Nations would accept to do such deplorable
things, but I do not know what Terry Nelson is capable of,” she said,
calling Mr. Nelson a “militant man” who in 2007 said there are only
two ways of “dealing with the white man. Either you pick up a gun or
you stand between him and his money.”

On Wednesday night, before news broke that Mr. Nelson’s trip is slated
for next week, Ms. Afshin-Jam spoke with Manitoba’s treaty
commissioner about potentially visiting some First Nations communities
to air her concerns about the delegation’s visit, particularly among
those who support Mr. Nelson.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam, the wife of Canadian Defense Minister Peter McKay
wants to visit First Nations in Manitoba to try to convince Chiefs who
support Terrance Nelson about the oppression of Iranian people. Talk
about being used as a Pawn. The Chiefs who condemn me are nothing but
pawns. One of the ones who condemn me is Grand Chief David Harper (no
relation to Prime Minister Harper), David Harper has visited Israel.
Strange but his region MKO requires 10,000 new homes. The condition
of housing in northern Manitoba is appalling. Not once has Nazanin
Afshin-Jam ever brought her husband Peter McKay to visit First Nations
in Manitoba. Now it is convenient to visit.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam talks of the deaths of children in Iran and
apparently condemns Iran, does she condemn the United States for what
happened to 567,000 children in Iraq. I have, watch our video, A War
on Children.

It is not easy to fight for the people who are really oppressed. The
people in Iraq and Iran are dehumanized and demonized in the Jewish
media and those that want to be in with the right people will never
condemn the human rights violations in Canada or the United States.

If you want to see the conditions of life for indigenous people in
Manitoba start with Dakota Plains. Here is an email I received from
Chief Orville Smoke.
Hello Terry,

First let me apologize for not being able to come along, I can barely
make my trips here in Manitoba, however my heart goes with you, and to
remind you that you are a strong brave Ojibway man, who's doing the
job that others were elected to do,

Canadian Governments, White media and other whites will always hate
first nation people, in their books we will never be equal nor will
they help us in any way to achieve self sufficiency even though they
owe us,

You can speak about Dakota Plains, any time you want, we will parish
very quickly in the near future due to our size, and we have no treaty

Thank you so much


Dakota Plains housing is flooded. So are many First Nations in
Manitoba. Protest all they want, but as long as they protest only in
Canada and Americans continue to get 2.5 million barrels of oil from
Canada at less than world price, Human Rights violations in Canada
will never be on the U.S. media.

The National Post has been caught numerous times lying. In an
editorial years ago, they stated that I threatened Jewish police.
There was never any threat to police much less Jewish police in any of
my information. The National Post gets away with this because everyone
is scared of the power of the media.

The 2006 revisionist movie Apocalypto, was written by an Iranian
American, Mr Farhad Safinia. Any of the Iranian Canadians condemn Mr.
Safinia for his revisionist denial of the Holocaust of the Mayans,
Inca and Aztecs. Didn't think so.

Farhad Safinia (Persian: فرهاد صفی‌نیا‎ Farhād Safīnīyā; born 1975) is
an Iranian-American screenwriter
and film/TV producer, best known for Apocalypto and Boss.

Personal life Farhad Safinia was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1975. He
left Iran with his family at the age of four
to live in Paris, then London. He studied at Charterhouse School and
then at King's College, Cambridge,
where he studied Economics. While at King's he directed and acted in a
number of stage productions for
the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club and other theatre
companies. After graduating, he moved
to New York City where he studied film at the New School University
and at New York University's Tisch School
of the Arts.[1] In the summer of 2007 he married actress Laura Regan
in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I have to laugh every time I hear Grand Chief David Harper threatening
to protest by shutting down the Winnipeg Airport. As if that would
ever happen. Most of the problem with the First Nations in Canada is
that they stay in Canada. A few have gone outside of Canada, Matthew
Coon-Come for one, he went to New York with great success. That
success depended on the fact that his region provided electricity to
120 million Americans on the eastern seaboard. New Yorkers thought, we
better help, he has his finger on our electricity. He went to a United
Nations conference in Durban South Africa to complain about Canada and
promptly lost 60% of his political funding.

The threats to our funding will come and Chiefs will condemn me. Those
that do will get small tokens of financial help from the government.
Same old, same old. I am taking beaded trinkets to Tehran as little
gifts to the children. We got trinkets of beads, the white man got our
land. Who is the real fool for continuing to believe in the white man.

Terrance Nelson

Additional documents sent by Terrance Nelson:
Holocaust Denial In America
December 19th 2006
David Duke in a Holocaust conference in Tehran, was big news in America as he accepted an invitation by the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In Duke’s speech, he said the purpose of the conference was“ to offer free speech for the world’s most repressed idea, Holocaust revisionism…and the condemnation of the shameful imprisonment of European scholars and academics who simply dare to state their opinions of historical events that occurred over 60 years ago.”
Duke went on to say “ I as a former American elected official will be condemned by the Zionist influenced press in America for coming here in peace and friendship to a nation that they hate: the nation of Iran.” Overwhelmingly, the media in America condemned the Tehran gathering and labeled it the “Holocaust Denial Conference” but on the question of the many other Holocausts, the American media remain stunningly silent.
For indigenous people, Holocaust Denial in America is nothing new, revisionist history is nothing new, it is big business supported and financed today by multi-nationals like Walt Disney and Hollywood A-list actors like Mel Gibson. They, however will not go to jail for distorting history or justifying the slaughter of Mayans. They will make millions of dollars in their revisionist movie Apocalypto. Mel Gibson’s version of Mayan history is based on the lies of Spanish conquistadors and men like Bishop Diego de Landa Calderon, the Franciscan monk who on July 12, 1562 burned hundreds of Mayan codices and over 5000 Mayan “cult” images. He later tried to justify his crimes, his Inquisition and torture of Mayan people by stating he had found evidence of human sacrifice.
The real savages, the Spanish Conquistadors hacked off the limbs of Mayans for not bringing in enough gold and silver ransoms, and they justified their savage crimes by deliberate lies depicting the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs, as sub humans, who constantly sacrificed humans to the sun god. Mel Gibson in his movie, does the same thing, he depicts the Mayans as sub-human, grotesquely violent and incapable of compassion. The American Indian Movement condemns Apocalypto as revisionist history, in the same vein as Rambo, John Wayne westerns, and hate inciting movies such as G.I. Jane.
The historical evidence of the slaughter of Jewish people in the Nazi death camps of World War II is irrefutable. Any movie or documentary that denies that evidence should be roundly condemned and censored. No movie produced should profit from justifying the killing of Jewish people in the Nazi death camps. The American Indian Movement supports the Jewish people in seeking justice for their Holocaust and the recovery of gold and other valuables stolen from the Jewish people during that Holocaust.
The American Indian Movement condemns Walt Disney Inc and Mel Gibson for profiting from the distortion and revisionist history in the Holocaust of the Mayan people. The American Indian Movement urges world governments to initiate recovery of all stolen gold and silver taken from the Mayan, Inca and Aztec people. AIM condemns the piracy of so called Spanish doubloons recovered from sunken ships and calls for all recovered gold and silver to be returned to the rightful indigenous owners. AIM further condemns the Catholic Church and its institutions for unrepentant theft of Mayan, Inca and Aztec gold and silver, which today is still hoarded in Christian idols in Europe.
AIM urges nations worldwide not to stop there but to demand that the United States restore to the rightful owners the more than $14 billion of gold stolen from the Black Hills in South Dakota, to the Dakota people.
The American Indian Movement acknowledges and thanks the small groups of activists and supporters who have protested the movie Apocalypto and condemns this movie as an act of greedy profiteering, of revisionist history and justification of the slaughter of indigenous peoples.
To our indigenous brothers and sisters in Central and South America who continue to struggle with intense poverty deriving from entrenched colonist policies, we offer our support and apologize for this outrage of a movie Apocalypto that is being pushed, financed and supported by Holocaust Denial in America.
Personal Statement of Terrance Nelson
December 26th 2006
Mel Gibson was in a lot of trouble in July 2006 for making anti-Semitic statements while being arrested for drunk driving. The sheriff’s deputy James Mee who is Jewish was told by Gibson: “F****** Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” While there was no media there at the time of the arrest, the statements were somehow leaked. Gibson was under pressure for months for his movie, “The Passion of Christ” which some Jews considered anti-Semitic. During the movie’s run, his father’s negative comments were bought up. His father had apparently been quoted as saying that Jews were trying to take over the world.
Mel Gibson on his part was extremely apologetic for his drunken tirade, “I disgraced myself and my family with my behavior and for that I am truly sorry” and he went on to publicly apologize several more times. What I find is truly amazing, there is a whole network of people who spend a lot of time ensuring that anti-Semitism is challenged and no amount of pressure is spared to bring people to justice if one makes any negative comment against Jews. I personally ran straight into this with my refusal to condemn a former native leader in Canada for his anti-Semitic remarks.
David Ahenakew, a former National Leader of the Assembly of First Nations went on trial in Saskatchewan in 2005 for promoting hatred of Jews. He said “The Jews damn near owned all of Germany prior to the war,” “That’s how Hitler came in. He was going to make damn sure that the Jews didn’t take over Germany or Europe.” “That’s why he fried six million of those guys, you know Jews would have owned the goddamned world. And look what they’re doing…They’re killing people in Arab countries.”
The reason I as a Chief refused to condemn David Ahenakew was that these types of statements are made publicly and routinely against First Nations people in Canada without any of the repercussions, the hate crime charges that Ahenakew faced. I refused to condemn him until the Jews condemned some of their own people. Where Ahenakew comes from, police officers in Saskatoon were found to have routinely killed native men. Neil Stonechild was last seen in the back of a Saskatoon police car, hysterical and crying, “help me, these guys are going to kill me”. He was found frozen to death on the outskirts of Saskatoon. Police tried to say he must have walked there, yet, there was no tracks around his body and his socks showed no signs of wear from walking.
Charles Adler, a Jewish immigrant from Hungry, hired by CanWest Global Communications, a Jewish owned multi-national with two hundred media outlets publicly defended the police officers who murdered Stonechild but failed to kill another native man. On November 3rd, 2001 Charles Adler wrote in the Winnipeg Sun, “…This fairy tale has been spun by lazy professors, spineless politicians, and agenda whores known as journalists. This week this bunch of nothing but babble on the breath… challenged by two “bad cops” from Saskatoon. The police officers had been convicted on driving an aboriginal to the outskirts of town in the dead of a prairie winter and dumping him there to freeze in the dark. Their misfortune was that he survived and lived to tell the tale. (my emphasis) These guys are going to jail and aren’t passing go. But not before they expose our two-faced justice system, the stepchild of do-gooders who have been influenced by that golden triangle of profs, pols and whores…”
Not once did Adler get publicly condemned or reprimanded by his Jewish employers for those types of comments but in fact Adler went on to host a national television program on CanWest Global. This past week December 2006, the Aspers who own CanWest Global and are one of the richest families in Canada announced that the government of Canada has agreed to provide twelve million dollars O& M a year (one hundred and twenty million over ten years) for their HUMAN RIGHTS museum in Winnipeg.
While the National Post, the flagship newspaper of the Asper family publicly condemned me in their newspaper for my stance on the Ahenakew issue, they allowed hatred to be published in their newspaper not once but many times. For example, an article published by the National Post on November 23rd 2005 written by an anonymous woman against First Nations entitled Third World Sask.
“It was said that most females had been raped at least once. I remember learning that a six-year old girl in my class had been raped just before school began. The episode was seen as unexceptional, and the rapist suffered no punishment.”
“Dogs ran wild, often half-starved. They were beaten and kicked by the men on the reserve.”
“One evening, about a dozen enraged adults burst into the dwelling of one of my male colleagues and beat him severely over some disagreement.”
“You can take any hardworking, educated, motivated person and stick him on that reserve, to live the life of the people. Come back in a year and you will have an alcoholic, depressed, hopeless person”.
“In the pitch-black nights, the only sounds one heard were the dogs barking-and gunshots. The housing provided for teachers was flimsy. I always feared a stray bullet would come through the wall.”
“All of the children had head lice,”
“It was distressing to see their dilapidated homes just a short distance from those lovely houses at the other end of the reserve, with their television aerials and cars. It was equally distressing that the government allowed the money that was meant for all the residents to be kept and used by the few who controlled the reserve.”“Those in control of the reserve cared not one bit.”
The editors at National Post knew full well that the article was beyond inflammatory. They allowed the article to printed with the following understanding:
“In order to avoid possible reprisals, the author has chosen to write this article under the pseudonym Lynne Foster.”
Absolutely none of these accusations were ever proven in a court of law nor was the National Post taken to court by authorities in Canada for an article that can only be seen as hate crime. There is no justice system in Canada for whites who attack natives.
The article is a poison piece written by a disgruntled former employee of the First Nation. Even she admits in the article. “When I started, I was offered a set figure as pay. A year later, I received less than half of this amount. I discovered one cannot litigate against anyone on a reserve.” She failed in court but got to make her case in the media.
The National Post editors knew that this article was hate filled but they even went further, they inserted a ¼ page cartoon depicting a white man handing over money to what looks like a cigar store Indian. If that message was not enough for the readers, the editors further depict a stereotypical drunken Indian man holding a bottle of alcohol, a crying child that everyone is ignoring and a beaten black eyed native woman begging.
In Canada, there is a list of over 500 known murdered and missing indigenous women. In Canada, over fifty percent of the people killed at the hands of police are indigenous people but we make up only three percent of the population of Canada. In the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba where our people make up approximately 12% of the population, close to seventy percent of the people in provincial jails and federal institutions are indigenous people.
The racism in Canada against our people is nothing new. Some of the more blatant comments made by professional journalists and published letters to the editors are similar to what has been published in major newspaper in Canada.
“yes damn it, I am going to stereotype-the average Canadian Indian is a drunk, a wastrel, an idolmonger, a person only too happy to live on a government cheque, an inbreeder, a parasite, a non contributor…” March 24, 1983 The Winnipeg Sun, Peter Warren
“The government should come down hard on these natives…We should get rid of the trash who want to destroy other people’s property and who are taking our hard earned money” August 12, 2002 The Winnipeg Sun, Lorraine Promfrey
Peter Warren was the host of “the most listened to” morning show on (CJOB) in Manitoba for over a decade. He went on to retire in British Columbia, can still be heard on a national radio program and never once went to court for his statements against indigenous people. In fact, Peter Warren made a lot of money for his opinions. So where are the white people who should be condemning the hate mongering against the indigenous people in Canada. I simply took the same position as the white people, if you won’t condemn the hate mongers amongst your race, why should I condemn David Ahenakew. I never agreed with Ahenakew, but until men like Warren, Adler and a host of others were similarly charged with hate crime, why should I publicly condemn Ahenakew. For that stance, I was roundly condemned and set upon.
Mel Gibson will not be made to apologize for his movie. He will not go to jail or be charged, and Walt Disney studios will not suffer any damages for financing the justification for killing Mayan people. Now if Walt Disney studios had put out a movie on the sins of Jews prior to World War II, which may be seen to be justification for the killing of the Jews by the Nazi, then that would be treated far differently. In the last scene of Apocalyto, the Spaniards are seen as rescuers. Imagine a last scene in a Holocaust movie where the Nazis are seen as the saviors. Up to eighty percent of the Mayans died after the Spaniards landed in Central America. Tens of millions died, but no one dares to compare this to the Holocaust suffered by the Jews.
Chief Terrance Nelson
American Indian Movement
Grand Governing Council

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