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October 13, 2012

First Nation Terrance Nelson in Iran

Terrance Nelson
What Miles Doesn't Know

By Terrance Nelson, First Nation Roseau River Ojibwe
Censored News
October 13th 2012
Terrance Nelson refers to: Miles Morrisseau: If all Canadians are free to visit Iran, why not Terry Nelson
 Why does the Jewish media put Terrance Nelson on the front page of the Winnipeg Sun? Miles Morrisseau doesn't know. What a lot of First Nations people don't study is economics. The government, the media and the business people know economics and that is why they fear the indigenous people. As long as the immigrants can continue to keep First Nations people uneducated and uninformed, the more that First Nations people will be stuck chasing processes that don't deliver results. The first step to freeing ourselves is to break through the lies told in media.
I am in Tehran, a city of 20 million people. Iran is a cultured nation. Surprise, it is like a white women going to the reservation, she is told, don't go, are you crazy, you will be raped, killed and never be heard from again. Of course, the truth is that not every indigenous man is a mad rapist and surprise, there are many of us who do not even drink alcohol. Imagine that. The stereotypes aren't always true.
I grew up in an era of war. The Vietnam war was Americans believing in a lie. President Kennedy said, Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Young Americans believed in the lie that if Vietnam fell to the communists, it would create a domino effect and the world would become communist. How many Americans have been killed by Vietnamese since the end of the war? When America finally left Vietnam, when American soldiers quit killing Vietnamese in their homeland, did the Vietnamese cross the ocean to come and kill Americans in their homeland? The sad part of the Vietnam experience is that so many young Americans had to die before Americans became war weary enough to abandon killing people in their homeland.
If you listened to the Vice Presidential debate, you would have heard more lies. Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan lied so blatantly that he will convince the American voters that he is telling the truth. He said that it is possible to cut taxes 20% and still deliver all the Republican promises on the economy. That will be believed and Mitt Romney will become President because like the Greeks, Americans don't want to hear the truth. No one wants to face up to the fact that in the last 11 years, the U.S. federal deficit came up 10 trillion dollars. No one wants to pay for the last 11 years of mistakes. If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu succeeds in dragging the United States into a war against Iran, the United States economy will collapse. If he succeeds, Netanyahu will do more damage to the United States than any terrorist has ever done. The collapse of the United States economy will cause widespread panic.
In Europe the seeds of war are being felt. Spain is near junk bond status as it's bonds have been downgraded to bbb- and Greece and Portugal are desperately trying to get Germany to bail them out. What is the problem? Part of the problem is countries buying oil at $100 a barrel. Two point seven trillion dollars a year being paid to oil producing nations by oil consuming nations. The fierce fighting occurring in many parts of the Arab world is just people feeling pressure from the economy. When the United States goes to war against the 74 million Iranians and the American economy collapses, martial law will be declared within three years in the United States as the people start acting like the people who they now look down upon. This is why I am getting front page coverage, I know economics.
We the indigenous people in the three prairie provinces are currently the most powerful people in the world. We sit on the pipelines that deliver 2.5 million barrels of oil a day to the United States. If you heard the Presidential debate, you may have heard Romney state that the day he becomes President, he will approve the Transcanada pipeline. Strange isn't it? Romney doesn't even have a clue about the indigenous people in Canada. Romney thinks that it is automatic for Canada to go to 4 million barrels of oil a day from the current 2.5 million barrels of oil per day that is flowing to the United States. I am in Tehran to ask Iran to open the doors to OPEC for the indigenous people of Canada.
I am not against the United States, but I was there when a strong delegation of the Chiefs were in Washington 12 days before the Inauguration of President Obama asking the Americans for help in dealing with the Human Rights violations in Canada. Nothing happened, Obama did nothing. Romney won't be any different, as long as Harper can tell the Americans that all is well in Canada, a confrontation in Canada between First Nations and the Government of Canada is inevitable.
I am against the new war being waged against Iran. If you love your country, what you can do for your country is to stop believing in the lie that a war against Iran will be like the war in Iraq. My loyalty is clear, I love our homeland and if you do too, study some economics, look at the cost of the new war. Don't believe in the lie that you don't have to pay for the mistakes that have been made in the last 11 years.
Terrance Nelson

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karen said...

Great post, Terrance Nelson, thank you for the update. If we turn our brains on (and the television off) it is easy to hear the truthtellers over the obfuscators.

Thank you for your leadership.

karen tsang, Vancouver