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October 22, 2012

Apache woman terminally ill evicted from home in Orange County

Censored News

According to Niko Black, Apache Nation and terminally ill with cancer, she was illegally evicted from her home by the Orange County Sheriff's Department on October 10th, 2012. Listen to her testify about the Orange County Sheriff's department violation of the federal court order posted on her front door and in her possession during the home invasion. In addition to the Orange County Sheriff's Department damaging her property, one Sheriff stuck a gun her in face indicating she would be leaving. When she called the Garden Grove police on 10/10/12, the Garden Grove police refused to talk to her that day and they did not take a police report. Subsequently, the Garden Grove, CA police department has repeatedly refused to take a police report from Niko Black as of 10/21/12.

Take the time to watch and listen to the entire testimony. The sound quality is poor, but the message or narrative is instrumental and powerful.

Wells Fargo and Keefe Roberts & Associates are the "prime movers" setting in motion the eviction process of Niko Black. If fact, people dressed in civilian clothes entered Niko Black's home on 10/10/12 along with the Orange County Sheriff's department according to her testimony.

Due to Niko Black's deteriorating health, her home is the only medically sanctioned environment where she can live. Each day outside her home could result in her experience of moving beyond the physical world in an expedited manner - caused by Wells Fargo, its partner or agents, the Orange County Sheriff's Department, and others who supported and continue to support her eviction.

Some responsive strategies: request the Orange County District Attorney's Office to investigate the matter as well as the deputized officers involved with eviction, request that the internal affairs departments of the Garden Grove police department and the Orange County Sheriff's Department investigate the police offers who abused the civil and human rights of Niko Black.

Contact Wells Fargo and Keefe Roberts & Associates and demand that immediate action be taken to place Niko Black back into home, safely, and permit her access to medical supplies and medication as well as living in her only medically sanctioned environment.

Request the FBI immediately investigate these civil and human rights abuses.

Whomever folks speak with request that Niko Black be immediately permitted to return back home.

Sign the petition:

Facebook Niko Black and/or the Internet for more information

Contact the Garden Grove Police Department, Citizen Complaints/Commendations line at (714) 741-5704
Contact Garden Grove Mayor, William J. Dalton at (714) 741-5000

Contact Orange County District Attorney's Office, Tony Rackaukas, and demand an investigation into OC Sheriff's Dept. activities and Garden Grove Police department: 714-834-3600

Contact the Well Fargo President and CEO,John G. Stumpf at 866-249-3302 and ask for him.

Contact Wells Fargo's Legal firm, Keefe Roberts & Associates (888) 857 4270

Mail letters to:
John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President and CEO
Wells Fargo
420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94163

Cara Heiden, Co-president
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
P.O. Box 10335
Des Moines, IA 50306-0335

Mike Heid, Co-president
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
P.O. Box 10335
Des Moines, IA 50306-0335


sarah lee said...

So sad!!!At least we should apologize for her. Home invasion

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely terrible. The cop who held his gun to her should be fired immediately. She's terminally ill not a threat. Thank you for sharing, while very sad this topic needs to be addressed. I can't help but feel deep sadness for this poor women and hatred towards the OC PD. What happened to compassion?

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