Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Relocation Resisters: Navajo elders victims of domestic terrorism

By Black Mesa Indigenous Support
Censored News

Clarence and Mary Lou Blackrock of Cactus Valley are sitting up all night by the fire, unable to sleep for fear of their sheep being taken. This distress endangers the elders health. This family wanted these pictures shared so that the world can see the suffering at the hands of the federal government and Department of the Interior.
This is Domestic Terrorism.


jessica said...

Ive heard some people in gallup r rising up

Anonymous said...

red bird lightning be with us fire blue flame give us good horses to battle and fro .water women and talking water boy .send rain and water to quench our thirst for spiritual shields and bows and arrows to battle sent from supai hozo dine .we stand in solidarity kotheh.

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