Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Navajo Sheep Impoundments! Human Rights Observers Needed!

Censored News 
The BIA directed Hopi Tribal Police have impounded another family's herd this morning. They blockaded the family's driveway, detained in police cars and then released two family members for trying to document, and shut two others in the house. When the Rangers came out of their vehicles they had their guns drawn on the two family members, both in their 20's, and then detained them as they stood in between the police and their elders. All family members who can speak English or document what is going on were removed from the impoundment action. The Hopi police were at the corral with only one female elder who doesn't speak English. They aren't allowing documentation or providing translation.
Human Rights Observers NEEDED IMMEDIATELY.
Bring video cameras. Continue calling the Department of Interior and the BIA. Families have a right to document what is going on for their own safety and the rangers need to provide translators and not separate families.
Stop the human rights violations. Stop the harassment. Stop the impoundments.
Call these Officials!
Hopi Chairman Herman G. Honanie
Email: hehonanie@hopi.nsn.us
Phone: (928) 734-3102
Navajo-Hopi Land Commission Office: (928) 871-6441
Office of Range Management(928) 734-3702
BIA Superintendent Wendell Honanie
Email: Wendell.Honanie@bia.gov
Phone: 928-738-2228
Hopi Tribal Council
Email: hopicouncil@hopi.nsn.us
Phone: 928.734.3134
Hopi Tribal Council via Neva Poneoma, legislative secretary
Phone: 928-734-3133
Email: ptalayumptewa@hopi.nsn.us
Director, Natural Resources Clayton Honyumptewa
Email: chonyumptewa@hopi.nsn.us

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Karen Cantrell said...

This is a clear violation of human rights. Notify the UN immediately and the Governors office. The American Civil Liberties Union will assist.