Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

October 9, 2014

AIM West Annual Conference 2014

AIM-West coast 7th annual Conference:

Date:  November 21-22,
(on 23rd protest Washington football mascot on site at Levy Stadium, in Santa Clara)
Time:  9 – 6 pm (daily-lunch included)
Place:  California Institute of Integral Studies
               1453 Mission St. SF CA 94103

AIM-WEST Unthanksgiving Dinner “Eagle feast with the Condor”:

Date:  November 26th
Time:  12 – 5 pm
Place:  The Bahai Faith Center
               170 Valencia Street
               San Francisco, CA (415-431-9990)

AIM-WEST “Red and Blues” Native American Day Concert!

Date:  Friday, November 28th
Time:  4 pm – 10 pm
Place:  Arlene Francis Center for Politic, Art, and Spirit
              99  6th St.  Santa Rosa, CA

See website for more details at 

 AIM-WEST 5th International Film Festival:

Date:  Sunday, October 12, International Day of Resistance to Colonization (1492-2014)
Time:  10 am – 11:30 am pre-event with traditional dancers, drummers & singers
              12 noo – 9 pm film screening, see website for listing and schedule
Place:   Arlene Francis Center for Politic, Art, and Spirituality
               99  6th St.  Santa Rosa, California (707-528-3009)

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