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October 28, 2014

Sheep Dog Nation Rocks' Aggressive confiscation of Navajo sheep'

Sheep Dog Nation Rocks
Big Mountain: Aggressive Confiscation of Dineh Resisters' Herds
By NaBahe Katenay, Big Mountain Dineh

Big Mountain: Aggressive Confiscation of Dineh Resisters' Herds

**Update: Oct. 28, 2014**
This morning, Oct. 28th – 0620 hrs., Gaah’ Hopi Police & BIA Police, with guns drawn, the Begay resident in Red Willow Springs was surrounded. Main dirt road entrances were guarded by heavily armed police as well. Two teens who were niece and nephew of Etta Begay went out near the sheep corral to take pictures but cops put guns to their heads, and were handcuffed and released at the end of confiscation of the sheep and goats. Etta and her brothers were forced back into their house and police surrounded that house. Nearly 100 sheep and goats were taken but it has been assumed that the police did not have enough room for the 40 more sheep and they were left behind. The situation between non-Native supporters (only ones who acknowledged this resistance against corporate America’s genocide), Dineh elders and the BIA ordered invasion is getting more intense and may get volatile.
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French translation by Christine Prat

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