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Monday, November 8, 2010

The US State Dept Dog and Pony Show

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

When the US State Dept. announced "Listening Conferences" for the first-ever UN Periodic Review on Human Rights, Russell Means called it a "Dog and Pony Show." It was difficult to envision at that time what a Dog and Pony Show it would be.

Now, that it is over, the big question is: Where were President Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton? Why weren't they at the United Nations beingthe held responsible for the ongoing violations of US human rights? Of course, George Bush and Dick Cheney are long gone, basking in publicity and book tours, instead of answering for US torture in violation of Geneva Conventions.

First of all, the US State Dept. wasted the time and money of Native Americans, along with everyone else, by asking them to travel to "Listening Conferences," to offer testimony. Not only did the US ignore the comments of American Indians in the official report, but the US summaries on the State Dept. website is pathetic, lacking names and key issues.

Still, at the United Nations, countries confronted the US with its human rights violations, including torture and the phony war on terrorism. Mexico confronted the US with racial profiling at the US border and its careless use of lethal force on migrants, some of the most desperate people on earth, walking across continents to survive.

Since the mainstream media appears to have been reproduced by seedpods (as foretold in the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers) you will have to dig deep to find what the US was confronted with at the United Nations.

As for the Dog and Pony Show, the next time the US State Dept. asks you to travel on your own dime to report US human rights abuses, better save that dime to rent the video, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Ultimately, there is still a larger question looming: Does it do any good to report anything to the United Nations? You decide.

Perspectives of Native Struggles, Strengths and Survival

Perspectives of Native Struggles, Strengths and Survival
Ofelia Rivas and Ward Churchill
Nov. 12, 2010, 7 pm
GCC Campus, Corner of Olive and 59th Ave., Glendale, Arizona (Phoenix Valley)
Sponsored by the GCC Native American Student Association
Ofelia Rivas, O'odham and founder of the O'odham Voice Against the Wall, was cochair of the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples at the Cochabamba, Bolivia, Climate Summit 2010. She was named Borderlinks Border Woman of the Year. Ofelia joins Ward Churchill, author of 20 books, to discuss Native American Struggles, Strengths and Survival.
Please double click on poster to enlarge.

UNA: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Reclaiming of the Black Hills

United Native Americas

Watch Parts II and III at Quanah Parker Brightman's Channel:

Navajo Hall of Shame: 51 Council Delegates' Water Rights Giveaway

Navajo Nation Council Special Session Regarding Legislation Number 0422-10
“Approving the Proposed North Eastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Settlements
Censored News
Photo: Eric Hardy
Votes: [ Yes 51 ], [ No 24 ], [ Not Voting 13 ]
The following 51 Delegates voting “YES” for water settlement
1 Evelyn Acothley (Bodaway-Gap/Cameron/Coppermine)

2 Leonard Anthony (Shiprock)

3 George Arthur (T'iistoh Bikaad/San Juan/Nenanezad)

4 Pete Ken Atcitty (Shiprock)

5 Andy R. Ayze (Chinle)

6 Elmer P. Begay (Dilcon/Teesto)

7 Kee Allen Begay, Jr. (Many Farms/Round Rock)

8 Mel Begay (Coyote Canyon/Mexican Springs)

9 Sampson Begay (Jeddito/Steamboat/Low Mountain)

10 Willie Begay (Chilchinbeto/Kayenta)

11 Katherine Benally (Dennehotso)

12 Ralph Bennett (Crystal/Red Lake/Sawmill)

13 Ray Berchman (Oak Springs/St. Michaels)

14 Jerry Bodie (Sanostee)

15 Leonard Chee (Birdsprings/Leupp/Tolani Lake)

16 Harry H. Clark (Chinle)

17 Harry Claw (Chinle)

18 Jack Colorado (Bodaway-Gap/Cameron/Coppermine)

19 Herman Daniels, Sr. (Oljato)

20 Leslie Dele (Tonalea)

21 Roy B. Dempsey (Oak Springs/St. Michaels)

22 Cecil Frank Eriacho (Ramah)

23 Jerry Freddie (Dilcon/Teesto)

24 Tim Goodluck (Houck/Lupton/Nahata Dziil)

25 Nelson Gorman, Jr. (Chinle)

26 Phillip Harrison Jr. (Red Valley/Cove)

27 Lee Jack, Sr. (Whitecone/Indian Wells)

28 Raymond Joe (Tachee/Blue Gap/Whippoorwill)

29 Norman John II (Twin Lakes)

30 Tom Lapahe (Tachee/Blue Gap/Whippoorwill)

31 Roy Laughter (Chilchinbeto/Kayenta)

32 Joe M. Lee (Chichiltah)

33 Woody Lee (Sweetwater)

34 Lena Manheimer (Ts'ah Bii Kin/Navajo Mountain)

35 Kee Yazzie Mann (Kaibeto)

36 Raymond Maxx (Coalmine Canyon/Toh Nanees Dizi)

37 Herman R. Morris (Naschitti/Tohatchi)

38 Francis Redhouse (Teecnospos)

39 David B. Rico (Pueblo Pintado/Torreon/Whitehorse Lake)

40 Bobby Robbins Sr. (Coalmine Canyon/Toh Nanees Dizi)

41 Danny Simpson (Huerfano)

42 Leonard Teller (Lukachukai/Tsaile/Wheatfields)

43 GloJean Todacheene (Shiprock)

44 Leonard Tsosie (Pueblo Pintado/Torreon/Whitehorse Lake)

45 Tommy Tsosie (LeChee)

46 Thomas Walker, Jr. (Birdsprings/Leupp/Tolani Lake)

47 Harold Wauneka (Fort Defiance)

48 Elbert R. Wheeler (Many Farms/Round Rock)

49 Harry J. Willeto (Nageezi/Ojo Encino/Counselor)

50 Harry Williams, Sr. (Coalmine Canyon/Toh Nanees Dizi)

51 Peterson B. Yazzie (Naschitti/Tohatchi)

The following Delegates voting “NO” for water settlement
1 Larry Anderson, Sr. (Fort Defiance)

2 Lorenzo Bedonie (Hardrock/Pinon)

3 Omer Begay, Jr. (Cornfields/Greasewood Springs/Klagetoh/Wide Ruins)

4 Nelson Begaye (Lukachukai/Tsaile/Wheatfields)

5 Alice W. Benallly (Crownpoint/Nahodishgish)

6 Benjamin Curley (Kinlichee/Ganado)

7 Lorenzo Curley (Houck/Lupton/Nahata Dziil)

8 Charles Damon (Baahaali/Church Rock)

9 Davis Filfred (Mexican Water/Aneth/Red Mesa)

10 Curran Hannon (Oak Springs/St. Michaels)

11 Orlanda Smith-Hodge (Cornfields/Greasewood Springs/Klagetoh/Wide Ruins)

12 Harry Hubbard (Becenti/Lake Valley/Standing Rock/White Rock)

13 Edward V. Jim, Sr. (Greyhills/Sheepsprings/Newcomb)

14 Amos F. Johnson (Forest Lake)

15 Hoskie Kee (Littlewater/Baca-Prewitt/Casamero Lake)

16 Ervin M. Keeswood, Sr. (Tse Daa Kaan)

17 Preston McCabe Sr. (Hardrock/Pinon)

18 Hope MacDonald Lone Tree (Coalmine Canyon/Toh Nanees Dizi)

19 Kenneth Maryboy (Mexican Water/Aneth/Red Mesa)

20 Elmer L. Milford (Fort Defiance)

21 Ida M. Nelson (Red Rock)

22 Roscoe D. Smith (Crystal/Red Lake/Sawmill)

23 Edmund E. Yazzie (Thoreau)

24 Ernest D. Yazzie, Jr. (Baahaali/Church Rock)

The following Delegates NOT voting

1 George Apachito (Alamo)

2 Lorenzo C. Bates (Upper Fruitland)

3 Harriett K. Becenti (Manuelito/Rock Springs/Tseyatoh)

4 Rex Lee Jim (Rock Point)

5 Lawrence T. Morgan (Iyanbito/Pinedale)

6 Johnny Naize (Tselani/Cottonwood/Nazlini)

7 Jonathan Nez (Shonto)

8 Larry Noble (Jeddito/Steamboat/Low Mountain)

9 Lawrence R. Platero (Tohajiilee)

10 David Shondee (Chilchinbeto/Kayenta)

11 David L. Tom (Beclabito/Gadiiahi)

12 Young Jeff Tom (Mariano Lake/Smith Lake)

13 Willie Tracey, Jr. (Ganado/Kinlichee)

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