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September 23, 2011

Anna Rondon: Navajo President Vetoes Navajo Green Economy Office

By Anna Rondon, Navajo
Anna Rondon at successful Career Day at Red Rock State Park
on Sept. 23. Thirty students e-mailed for more info on
renewables and the Green Jobs Handbook.
Photo Anna Rondon.
Censored News

It is a sad day for Navajo communities, youth and elders. Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly line-item vetoed Navajo Green Economy Office. Though I respect his opinion as President, this act is keeping the coal-based industries in control of our collective future.
It is time to begin balancing our development with earth friendly technologies. It needs true Navajo leadership to be bold. Just as how the 21st and 22nd Navajo Nation Council does have that vision for equitable and fair development at all levels.
Mr. Shelly has shut the doors on the viable and real greens jobs that can be created. If his division directors had the creative capacity to help our people we would be a better place. Onward, it is part of the process and we shall continue to work for our people and I look forward to working with the Speaker's Office and allied council delegates on the projects we do have in place.

This is my opinion and does not reflect other commissioners.

Note: President Shelly signed into law the budget on Thursday and line item vetoed funding for the Navajo Green Economy Office. The action follows his speech to the United Nation Human Rights Council in Geneva this week, urging protection of the earth and respect for the Dine' people. Navajos responding say he has failed the earth and betrayed the Navajo people.

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