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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mike Bruised Head: Sad day when Blood Women arrested defending Mother Earth

Alberta, Canada
Sad day when Blood Women are arrested for peacefully protecting Mother Earth

By Mike Bruised Head
Member, Kainai Lethbridge Environmental Watch (KLEW)
Revised statement: Sunday September 11, 2011
Censored News

It is a sad day when women are jailed then charged for protecting “Mother Earth”. On Friday September 9, 2011 three Blood Indian Women who are all members of the Blood Tribe were arrested and handcuffed for peacefully protesting at a hydraulic fracturing (fracking) exploration site on the Blood Reserve in southern Alberta.

The three women and the supporters were not informed of what the chargers were on until the early morning of Saturday September 10, 2011 at 7 a.m. Blood Tribe Chief Charles Weasel Head on behalf of chief and council directed the charges levied on the women. They were charged with Trespassing and Intimidation under the Canadian Criminal Code Section 423, subsection 1. (g). The intimidation stems from the women protesting in a peaceful manner standing on tribal land protesting against Murphy Oil Company vehicles. The three women supposedly were confronting a huge semi truck with a driver twice the size of them. The other aspect of the charge directs that the women are not to be close to the drill site.

In a Canadian Press Release on Sunday September 11, 2011 it quoted “Blood Tribe Police Chief Lee Boyd says negotiations are underway between the band council and Murphy Oil so that protests at the site can occur legally”.

This is a sad time in Blood Tribe or “Kainai” history. The chief has awoken a sleeping giant that will not go back to sleep. The three courages and honorable women will be tried at the Cardston, Alberta courthouse on Monday September 19, 2011.

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