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September 21, 2011

Michael Hyatt Photos: Border Patrol: A Culture of Cruelty

The US Border Patrol receives "A Culture of Cruelty" report
from an oversight committee of professionals in Tucson today.
Photo copyright Michael Hyatt.
Photo copyright Michael Hyatt
Oversight committee of professionals and clergy delivers
"A Culture of Cruelty" report to US Border Patrol.
Photo copyright Michael Hyatt

US Border Patrol receives "A Culture of Cruelty" report
today, documenting abuses of migrants by Border Patrol agents.
Photo copyright Michael Hyatt.

Read a breaking news report on today's action at the Border Patrol Headquarters:
"The Culture of Cruelty" documents rampant human rights abuses against migrants held in short-term custody. Thousands of migrants have reported abuses, including being denied food, water and urgent medical care. They were subjected to inhumane detention conditions, verbal, physical and psychological abuse, and separated from family members. Much of the abuse can be classified as torture under international law.
Children and adults were beaten. The Department of Homeland Security has consistently failed to monitor its own agents, creating a culture of cruelty that excuses mistreatment in detention and deportation.
President Obama was advised of the abuse via postcards which stated, "This is happening under your watch, and you can stop it."
--Censored News

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