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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Censored News: Top Stories October 2011

Oct. 9, 2011

This week’s top stories:

Lakotas, Dakotas, testify against Keystone pipeline in South Dakota by Vi Waln:
VIDEO: Cops beating people up at Occupy Wall Street Oct. 5, 2011

Exclusive from Censored News:
Wikileaks: Rating the Revolutionaries: Danny Glover scores big:

Top Column:
Mike Bruised Head: Another dark day in the history of the Blood Reserve

Exclusive, featured in Wikileaks Press:
Weapons of Choice: Disregard for human lives at the border:
Project Gunrunner

New at Censored News:

Infiltrator brags about his role in the pepper spray incident:
Congratulations to NAMMY winners 2011:
Occupy Grand Rapids!
VIDEO: Raging Grannies take DC:
VIDEO: Occupy DC protesters pepper sprayed at Air and Space Museum:
Lakotas Owe Aku supporting protesters
Occupy Wall Street: Tonight’s Tweetly News
Native Delegation in DC: A final NO to Keystone pipeline:

Don't miss:

Center for Constitutional Reform Condemns US Targeted Assassination of US Citizen:
Canada urged to prosecute Bush for torture, when he visits Oct. 20, 2011:

Censored News most accessed articles 2010 -- 2011:

Wikileaks: Canada’s unauthorized wiretaps of Mohawks (written in August 2010 before massive Wikileaks releases)
LOCKED DOWN: Snowbowl protest halts development on San Francisco Peaks:
Hacked data reveals US Marines as contract killers, hunting migrants on the Arizona border
Tucson: Hackers reveal data targeting ethnic studies
Flagstaff police attack and arrest Protect the Peaks marchers:

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