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October 23, 2011

Occupy Movement victims of violence: Melbourne to Maine

Occupy Melbourne
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011: Watch for updates

Melbourne police have violently attacked peaceful Occupy protesters, resulting in many injuries. In Portland, Maine, a roadside bomb was thrown at Occupy Maine, fortunately there were no injuries. In Chicago, nurses were among those arrested at Occupy Chicago. Occupy Chicago protesters said they were denied medicine, food and bail, as they faced a second night in jail. Nurses plan a protest in Chicago on Monday.
In Denver, police raided the homes of Occupy Denver members, arresting four people.

Lincoln Park campers were attacked early Sunday morning, around 4am, when the members of the Occupy Maine camp at Lincoln Park woke up to a loud explosion.

[7:01:55 PM] : We posted funds for bail. Cpd refusing to allow us to post bond, forcing protesters to stay overnight for a noncriminal citation and exercising their 1st amendment rights. Arrestees are being denied phone call, legal counsel, food, sleep basic human rights. ~From an occupier
[7:02:11 PM] : I just got a report from an occupier who was in jail - he said that they took away their mattresses, denied a woman her epilepsy medication, denied them their phone call, denied them food, called them homophobic epithets, roughed them up verbally, and are not letting them out for a prolonged period of time. ~Another occupier
National Nurses organization condemns arrest of Occupy Chicago nurses:
Occupy Chicago spends second night in jail, including nurses:,0,6580042.story
Update: Friends, last night 130 fellow occupiers were taken from us as they defended our rights to assemble and free speech. As of 9:30pm Sunday most of our friends have been released, except for 5 people who have pending bond violations because they had been arrested last Saturday as well. They are being held until they go to bond court tomorrow. Locations & details are here, please try to come down at these times and show some support. Occupy Chicago website:

Police inflict shocking injuries:
Occupy Melbourne’s lawyers have 43 statements detailing shocking injuries inflicted by police on peaceful protestors. These include eye-gouging, punches to the face and back of the head and the deployment of pepper spray, including on children. The Occupy Melbourne legal team is still receiving statements.

New York
Canadian special forces agent provocateur leaves wallet behind, exposing identity, after scaling sculpture at Occupy Wall Street:

Twitter Occupy Wall Street Sunday night: "Media Team Members at , now know that they are being followed everywhere they go. Why is that? Wall Street is very scary right now."

Now for some good news ...

92 year old Pete Seeger marched down Broadway to Occupy Columbus Circle in solidarity for the 99% Occupy Wall Street. David Amram, Arlo Guthrie, Tom Chapin, Stephan Said, Matt Emmer, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger sing "This Little Light of Mine" Odetta was there in spirit. "We are the 99%"

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