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October 7, 2011

Rating the Revolutionaries: Danny Glover scores big in Wikileaks

Actor Danny Glover, with Earthcycles' Govinda, doing
the 'secret handshake,' at the end of the Longest Walk 2 in DC.
Nope, there's no handshake probe -- yet -- in Wikileaks.
Photo Brenda Norrell
US Spying on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and tracking on Danny Glover

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Actor Danny Glover has achieved a new type of celebrity status, this time in the Wikileaks cables.

Considering that the Zapatistas are only discussed in two cables, while another four cables focus on the Mohawks, with another dozen cables mentioning the Mohawk, Glover's score of five cables places him somewhere in between. So, this gives Glover an impressive rating in the quasi-category of targeted-and-spied-on-possible-revolutionaries.

Who's keeping score? The US State Department.

The cocktail party gossip of US Ambassadors reaches frenzy state in the US diplomatic cables when anyone supports Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. (Unfortunately while tracking Chavez and Glover, they seem to have missed the articles on so many of my friends meeting with Chavez. How could they really miss the American Indian Movement meeting with Chavez?)

Anyway, the Ambassadors weren't just tracking Glover, they also wanted to try and get some funding from him.

Danny Glover inside the
good ship Earthcycles bus.
Photo Brenda Norrell
Meanwhile, Glover joined us aboard the Earthcycles bus at the end of the Longest Walk 2 in 2008 to talk about racism in the US. Although the US State Department didn't get wind of Glover onboard the good ship Earthcycles, the State Dept. did keep tabs on Glover when he was with President Chavez.

Aljazeera's article, 'Beware of AlChavezeera' reveals two topics of US paranoia: Chavez and Aljazeera. Now, we can add a third: Danny Glover.

Don't miss the Aljazeera article on this: 'Beware of AlChavezeera:

Finally, actor Harry Belafonte also joined Glover, Daryl Hannah, and the walkers at the end of the Longest Walk 2 in DC in 2008. Belafonte is included in two US diplomatic cables. The US Ambassador in Israel pointed out that Belafonte said, "the Bush administration resembled the Nazi regime." Hannah is mentioned in another cable, speaking on climate change in New York.

Danny Glover's impressive Wikileaks score card:
2009, Dec 18
2009, Sep 16
2005, Aug 11
2005, Jul 27
2004, May 11



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