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October 11, 2011

Indigenous Day of Resistance Occupy Sacramento

United Native Americans
From Quanah Parker
United Native Americans
Censored News

Native American, Student, Labor and Civil Rights Groups Call for Indigenous Day of Resistance Protest and Occupy Sacramento Press Conference

Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Time: 10:00am
Place: Cesar Chavez Park
Contact: Cassandra Lepe (818) 741-8234

As another Columbus Holiday was shamelessly celebrated nationally, Native Americans, Student, Labor and Civil Rights groups join the National call for all communities across the Americas to join us in the struggle to denounce this so-called “celebration” and replace it to a National Holiday to honor and remember the Indigenous People. We also address the current attacks on our indigenous communities.

Oct 14th we will march to the Capitol for an Indigenous Day of Resistance Protest and Occupy Sacramento to denounce the United State’s glorification of the atrocities committed against native ancestors of the Americas during the Indigenous Holocaust let by Christopher Columbus.

With many severe cuts to education and social services nationwide, we call to question, why we continue to increase our $14.6 billion US National Debt to fund wars over seas. Instead we have a war at home, were millions are losing their homes and jobs while the banks are plundering our wealth. CA is #1 in Prison Spending and #43 in Education Nationwide Why is that? (NOTE: California is the 8th Largest economy in the WORLD and the US House Approx ¼ of the worlds prison population)

As for our Native Community surrounding the US/Mexican border, we are now being labeled as “Immigrants” that was once home. We are tired of seeing migrants scapegoated for the failures of capitalism. It angers us to be called “illegal aliens” when it was our ancestors who inhabited this lands before Columbus came to conquer and plunder this land. Now in contrast our people are forced to risk their lives crossing a further militarized border (Over the last decade, it is estimated 10,000 died crossing the border).

We are tired of seeing racist attacks to our communities through the education system. Now Ethnic studies are under attack, and in places like Arizona, the right to know our own history is illegal.

We are tired of seeing how after exploiting and repressing our migrant community, politicians manipulate “undocumented” students and the “immigrant” community giving false promises about legalization in order to gain the so-called “Latino vote”.

Obama, has set a record for deporting 1 million of our people. Many of these deportations have been done through the program ironically called “Secure-communities”. But instead of security it has created fear in our homes and broken apart countless families. Currently the president has recently pulled a move halting 300 thousand deportations. It is our belief that this is just a move to get himself re-elected in 2012, but his actions speak for himself. The program of “secure-communities” which has deported so many of our people and caused fear on our barrios still in place.

We are calling to action here at the State Capitol for all communities to join the movement to defend families and education, because this is a people’s movement for human rights and to stand up against injustice. We will no longer be victimized by these racist laws or corporate greed restricting us of an education and split up the millions of families from one another.

This is bigger than Columbus Day… this is for accountability for the rights of all people to live and work for their families and have a good education not corrupted by racism.

MEChA Alta Califas Norte (Northern Region)
MEChA Central Tlatokan Ameyal
San Jose State MEXA
Chico State MEChA
Woodland Community College MEChA
United Indigenous Nations
Peace and Freedom Party (Yolo County Chapter)
Socialist Organizer
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement AFL-CIO Sacramento
Union Civica Primero de Mayo
Autonomous Brown Berets of Sonoma county
Brown Beret National Organization
El Partido Nacional de la Raza Unida
United Native Americans Inc.
League of United Latin American Citizens Sacramento Lorenzo PatiƱo Council #2862
Assocaintion of RAZA Educators Sacramento Chapter
Party for Socialism and Liberation Sacramento


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