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October 22, 2011

News from the Occupy Movement and Beyond

'Borrowed' from Michael Moore's tweet
Pete Seeger leads songs at Occupy Wall Street
marching with two canes
Arlo Guthrie was also there
Breaking News from the Occupy Movement and Beyond
Censored News

Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie rock Occupy Wall Street Friday night:

Professor Cornel West as Occupy Wall Street protests at Harlem police station over 'stop and frisk' policy:

Excessive force by police at Occupy Sydney:
Governments order YouTube to censor Occupy videos:

The news from Saskatoon, Occupy Saskatoon: "Just about freezing. Will be below freezing again tonight. Great weather for those camping out in our park. Gutsy people!"

Occupy Cleveland was arrested on Friday night. Their Livestream:

Police brutality against Occupy movement results in 100 government websites hacked:

Occupy Wall Street protested at NYPD's 28th precinct in Harlem, civil disobedience in protest of stop and frisk policies. Twitter: "All of the protesters who had stood in front of the NYPD's 28th precinct are now in custody. Approximately 30." The Peoples Patrol reported arrested as they defended Democracy Now's cameras.

VIDEO: Melbourne Police Violent, rip out Occupy protesters

Occupy Melbourne prepared to retake the square after being violently evicted by police:

Michelle Cook, Navajo, who came to the Bolivia climate summit from New Zealand, were she was a Fulbright scholar, is organizing Occupy Laramie Wyoming:

Actor Alec Baldwin calls for an 'Occupy Pipeline' movement:

Phoenix ICE agent throws marijuana bundles out window as he flees arrest:

Occupy Albuquerque changed its name to Unoccupy Albuquerque, out of respect for Native Americans:

Indigenizing the Occupy Movement:

TransCanada seizing land under eminent domain for Keystone XL pipeline:

In other news

Obama: Our troops will be home from the holidays from Iraq. PS: We will continue killing elsewhere. We will leave thousands of private security thugs in Iraq to protect the diplomats. (News translation by Censored News.)

More news:
Guess who's listening now: Skype security flaw could result in stalking, blackmail or fraud:

VIDEO: Willie Nelson sends message to Occupy Wall Street


Video, Wikileaks truck towed by NY police:

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