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On Friday October 7th, the State Department is hosting the final public hearing on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Indigenous leaders, faith leaders, people from pipeline states, and environmental leaders from across the country are coming to DC to testify -- but their voices might not be heard.

TransCanada and Big Oil are occupying our political system, it's time for us to #OccupyStateDept.
At previous hearings along the pipeline route, big corporations and their front groups have bussed people in, paid for line sitters, and skirted the rules. And just this week we learned that Big Oil lobbyist Paul Elliott has been receiving preferential treatment and occupying the State Department all along.

Join dozens of people on Thursday night outside the Ronald Reagan Building where we will hold a sleep-in to ensure that indigenous leaders, faith leaders and others will have a chance to testify.

Arrive at 8 PM. We'll have a teach-in, music, sign making, and get set-up to stay through the night.


WHAT: #OccupyStateDept, a sleep-in to keep big corporations out of the Keystone XL hearing

WHEN: Thursday night, arrive at 8 PM, stay til 10 AM

BRING: Warm clothes, snacks, an ID to get into the building, something to share: a story, an idea, a skill

On Thursday we'll stand in solidarity with OccupyDC (
http://occupydc.org/) and the October 2011 Movement (http://occupydc.org/). On Friday we'll join them.