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October 29, 2011

Occupy Denver: Police using rubber bullets and teargas

Officer strikes woman with gun repeatedly

Mace or pepper spray sprayed into faces of protesters

Officer repeatedly jabs man with baton

Watch on Channel 9 news:

Andres Cleres, 21,  said he was shot with a
rubber bullet
Hactivists release data on officer following abuse
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

DENVER -- Hactivists released personal data on a Denver police officer today, vollowing a violent attack on Occupy Denver. The personal data on Officer Ethan Donnell Aldridge, #05100, was released, showing a history of allegations of violence and racial profiling.
The full release is at:
  3. : Investigation of the shooting death of Eugene
  4. Paul Velarde, dob 06/18/84, DPD#656974, by
  5. Lakewood Police Department Agent Devaney
  6. Braley, on June 10, 2009 in the 1700 block of
  7. Sheridan Boulevard, Denver, Colorado:
  9. :Investigation of the wounding of Daniel
  10. Alderete, dob 08-05-84, by Officer Ethan Aldridge,
  11. #05100, on July 18, 2010, at 3436 West 18
  12. th Avenue, Denver, Colorado.:
  14. ----
  16. As a result of the Denver Police Department’s practice of racial profiling, ethnic
  17. stereotyping, and biased policing, plaintiff Jose Sanchez was unjustifiably targeted while he was standing lawfully on the public sidewalk, smoking a cigarette, outside the Denver home of his girlfriend, Joshinna Carreras. Police illegally detained and handcuffed him, falsely accused him of being an “illegal immigrant,” and falsely arrested him on a bogus charge of providing “false identification.” The supposedly “false” identification was a current and valid photo ID card issued by the Department of Homeland Security verifying Mr. Sanchez’s legal presence and authorization to work in the United States. Mr. Sanchez spent five days in jail on the bogus charge before it was dismissed. :

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