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October 31, 2011

Photos: Unidentified officers arrived before Marine Scott Olsen shot

Officers on the far right, unidentified, arrived on the police line
in front of Marine Scott Olsen, moments before Olsen was struck
with a projectile in Oakland. The uniformed officers are with the San
Francisco Sheriff's ESU, Emergency Services Unit.

Officer in the center, unidentified, with pepperball or paintball gun,
appeared in the area from where chemical agents were fired
shortly before Marine Scott Olsen was struck.

Censored News

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Videos reveal that the San Francisco Sheriff's ESU, Emergency Service Unit, were on the front line when chemical agents and flash bombs were fired and Marine Scott Olsen was struck Tuesday in Oakland.
However, moments before chemical agents and flash bombs were used, unidentified officers arrived on the scene, as shown in these photos.
The San Francisco Sheriff's Department defended its officers on Monday and said that they carried guns that shoot a stun projectile, but those were not used in Oakland on Tuesday. The Alameda Sheriff's Department, coordinating the Bay Area police units, said its officers were armed with a large amount of tear gas, but no flash bombs.
Scott Olsen, Marine and member of Iraq Veterans for Peace, suffered a skull fracture after being hit as he stood peacefully with Navy seaman Joshua Shepherd. Shepherd held a Veterans for Peace flag. The two stood between the police and the crowd, directly in front of the San Francisco Sheriff's ESU police line.
After Olsen was hit, and was being carried away, a flash grenade was thrown at them, and hit one of his rescuers in the leg.
Videos show that the flash bomb was thrown from the police line of the San Francisco Sheriff's ESU and the unidentified officers above.

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