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December 13, 2012

Democracy Now! Never before broadcast video Leonard Peltier

Democracy NOW!
I am writing to share with you a 25-minute segment about the campaign
to push President Obama to pardon Native American activist Leonard
Peltier, who has spent 37 years in prison in controversial case.
We air a never-before-broadcast video of Peltier from an interview by
German journalist Claus Beegert, in which Peltier once again asks for
clemency. Watch and share this exclusive video footage:
Democracy Now! speaks with Peter Coyote, a well-known actor and
longtime friend of Peltier, who is part of a renewed effort to urge
Obama to grant clemency. If he carries out his full sentence, Peltier
will be 95 years old by the time that he is released. On Friday,
singers Harry Belafonte and Pete Seeger will host a "Bring Leonard
Peltier Home In 2012 Concert" at the Beacon Theater in New York City
to raise awareness of Peltier's case. Coyote shares exclusive details
about his experiences in working with political officials and his
belief that the government is pointedly ignoring pleas to release
Peltier, despite the many doubts that surround the case. He tells
Democracy Now! that even the judge in the case personally wrote to
President Clinton to grant clemency because of the blatant errors in
the information presented at trial. Watch:
Democracy Now! has been closely covering Leonard Peltier's case over
the past few years. Our archive features interviews with former
President Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, and Kevin McKiernan, the only
reporter present during the 1975 shootings at the Pine Ridge
Reservation. Watch and listen to some highlights from our coverage:
Reporter Who Witnessed Pine Ridge Shoot Out Calls for Presidential
Ex-AG Janet Reno on the Florida Elections, John Ashcroft and Leonard
Bill Clinton Loses His Cool in Democracy Now! Interview on Everything
But Monica: Leonard Peltier, Racial Profiling, Iraqi Sanctions, Ralph
Nader, the Death Penalty and Israel-Palestine:
You can also watch and listen to all of our reports on Peltier at
Please feel free to share our reports today by posting on your website
or social media network. I have provided the links and video embed
codes below. The complete transcripts will be posted soon on our
website. Democracy Now! is an independent, global news hour that
broadcasts live Monday through Friday from 8-9am EST at
Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Please let me know
if you have any questions.
My Best, Jamie Hall
Social Media and Online Outreach Intern Democracy Now!

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