Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Idle No More Turtle Island Movement Border Blockade

Idle No More Ottawa, Dec 21, 2012
By Idle No More
Censored News

We are calling for ALL border crossings to be shut down on January 5, 2013, to show the government that we are willing to escalate this to a point where we shut down the country. The reason Turtle Island Movement has called for a peaceful blockade of the borders in Canada is in solidarity of the idle no more movements happening all across Canada and America.
Currently the Harper government is pushing bills through the Senate that affect not only the First Nations but also Canadian citizens.  The general idea is to accomplish world wide attention to the injustices happening to the First Nations and citizens of Canada - while also effecting the Canadian governments economy. We humbly ask you to share the event and spread the word of our peaceful gathering.
 #IdleNoMore #ChiefTheresaSpence

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