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December 28, 2012

Idle No More Photos Dec. 29, 2012

Navajo Nation Photo Shauna Leigh
Sacramento, Calif. Photo Steven Payan
Bismarck, North Dakota

Bismarck, North Dakota, Dec. 28/Photo Last Real Indians

Published on Dec 28, 2012
December 28th New York City Natives Gathered at Washington Square Park for a Peaceful Act of Solidarity, Unity and Hope with Natives the world over declaring and calling on all Natives to be Idle No More.
Speaker is Josephine WuTang Tarrant member of American Indian Community House Youth Council of NYC
Standing in solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence who has been on a Hunger Strike in Response to Stephen Harper not honoring her request for a meeting.. She has also requested the wife of Stephen Harper (Laureen Harper) to attend.
For more info. and to get involved visit:
Twitter: #IdleNoMore

AIM chapters and members from all over the United States and Canada are here in Minneapolis this weekend to support IDLE NO MORE at the Mall of America and to attend the On the Red Road New Years Celebration.

It's time to unite and show this community where AIM was founded. Show support for Chief Theresa Spence and our brothers and sisters of Canada.


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