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Monday, December 24, 2012

Clyde Bellecourt arrested at Idle No More in Minn.

Clyde Bellecourt arrested  

Idle No More
Minneapolis Police Officer accusing

Clyde Bellecourt of organizing the Idle No More Rally
at the IDS tower in Minneapolis, MN moments
 before his arrest after having a cup of coff
By Jennifer Hudson
Censored News
Top photo by Nahar
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Update: Sept. 25, 3013: Trespass charge dropped:

Clyde Bellecourt, cofounder of the American Indian Movement, was targeted and arrested in Minneapolis on Christmas Eve. Bellecourt was released later that evening, after appearing before a judge, with bruises on his wrist.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – A peaceful Flash Mob Round Dance, organized to bring attention to the Idle No More movement from Canada, ended today with the arrest of Clyde Bellecourt. The Flash Mob Round Dance lasted less than 20 minutes at the IDS Tower in downtown Minneapolis. Bellecourt was uninvolved with the organizing of the event and was informed of the Round Dance only moments before it happened. Bellecourt arrived late to the event and stayed to watch the dancing. While sitting peacefully on a mall bench, Bellecourt was approached by Minneapolis police and asked to leave.

Bellecourt stated repeatedly that he was not involved with the organizing and he did not know who had organized the event; he was only at IDS to shop. Despite this, he was told to leave or he would be arrested. No one else was asked to leave at this point.

After the Round Dance ended, Bellecourt returned to buy a cup of coffee alone when he was approached by police officers who seized his cane, forced him to the floor, and then tried to lift him solely by his handcuffs. Bellecourt is 75 and cannot easily get up and down without assistance, which was denied to him. Bellecourt was unable to stand up and leave IDS on his own so officers arrested Bellecourt and transported him on a stretcher. Bellecourt is now being held at Hennepin County Jail.

Flash mobs are used across this country to bring awareness to situations or just because individuals are having fun. This flash mob was to bring to awareness to the Idle No More movement in Canada. While Clyde Bellecourt has a long history of activism for Native American issues, in this situation he was singled out for his history and position in the community and not for his involvement in any kind of social disruption.
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Idle No More Flash Mob Round Dance Revolution Spreads!

Missolula, Montana!

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Published on Dec 24, 2012
Southgate Mall will never EVER be the same again after what happened there today. Before we started singing, I just handed my camera and whoever took the camera is who recorded. Thanks to my cameraman Bruce would bitched out me, I had to act fast whoever recorded this...thank you so much!
Originally it was supposed to be one song, but then the feeling was there and it became two. I am honored to say we took part in the Idle No More Flash Mobs in apart of this Round Dance Revolution. Sang hard for those who are in hunger strikes, and sang hard for our Canadian family. I think it's great how one thing can lead to a series of chain events. We're not trying to do out do each other at all, all we are is just singing and lending our support to our Canadian family who need it. I personally think after 2013 starts up, every city who took part in this should do another one. Big thank you to the people who showed to sing, dance, spectate, held signs, and the non-Natives weren't "scared" or "annoyed" by this. I even had a black guy say to me, "That was so f'n great. I wish we had a cultural identity to where we can stand up for rights the right way on." Like I posted earlier..."BEST DAY EVER!!!"

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