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May 13, 2013

Apaches celebrate Independence Day June 18, 2013

Apaches to celebrate their Independence Day on June 18, 2013
On June 18, 2012, hundreds of tribal members gathered on the lawn of the San Carlos Apache Tribal Administration Office to receive a free tee shirt announcing the June 18 Apache independence Day celebration.

By Sandra Rambler
Censored News

 SAN CARLOS, Ariz. – Members of the San Carlos Apache Tribe are set to celebrate their annual Independence Day on Tuesday, June 18, at the Bob Key Rodeo Arena within the Peridot District on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, which is located a quarter of a mile off of U.S. Highway 70.  
            The celebration began on June 18, 1954, when the San Carlos Apache Indian Tribe was established by Executive Order.
            Early records of celebration include rodeo’s, live music from bands from local areas within Gila and Graham Counties and Phoenix, Arizona, the Dom’s Club from the metropolitan valley, club members were dressed in uniforms, all types of traditional foods were served, lots of cowboys in competition from all livestock associations from Anchor Seven, Point of Pines, Slaughter, Ash Creek, T 11, Tonto, tribal registered herd R-100 and IDT, traditional songs were shared, wickiup-type temporary shade houses were built and speakers were available on hand.
            The celebration continues today with a stage set up with entertainment provided by tribal royalty and tribal members.  Competitions are held for best traditional Apache songs.  Storytellers are on hand to share traditional stories.  Games are set up for the youth and the Apache card game is a favorite for most tribal elders.  Traditional foods are shared with all present and live music as well as recorded music is shared.  A rodeo is held at the Bob Key Arena in the Peridot District.
            “We wanted to focus on depicting the history of the San Carlos Apaches in this year’s June 18 celebration,” pointed out Katrina Talkalai, Tribal Secretary and coordinator for the Apache Independence Day celebration.  She is assisted by various committee members to help in the organization of the events lined up for the upcoming celebration.
            “We would like to invite all organizations and other tribes to come out and join us in our annual celebration.  A rodeo will also be held and we will have a full day of activities and events to honor our Independence Day,” concluded Secretary Talkalai.
            For more information, contact the San Carlos Apache Tribal Administration Office, (928) 475-2361.

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