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Friday, May 17, 2013

First Voices Indigenous Radio: Plagiarism infects Indian country news

First Voices Indigenous Radio
Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Cheyenne River Lakota

Discusses the "exclusivity zone" being used as a method to urge the Seneca Nation of the Haudenosaunee to pay the half a billion dollars owed to New York State. Under the casino compact or state-run casinos could be built in areas, key to the Senecas' success..
His program Let's Talk Native airs WWKB is an AM radio station in Buffalo, New York
BRANDON ECOFFEY (Lakota) ( He is currently the managing editor at Native Sun News Weekly and a contributor to
Brandon also writes the Editorial Page of Native Sun News. We discuss the idea of plagiarism and the consequences to the 'real' Native communities by mainstream media and throughout "Indian Country" today.
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Tiokasin Ghosthorse comments:
We all understand what it is to steal and the consequence of that action, either by choice or by playing innocent of the deed. We all have heard the definition of plagiarism' or at least a play on the word. Another kind of question is "If one person steals quotes or copies another author of words it is called plagiarism but when many people steal or copy it is called research.
I would go with the latter play on words and say it has become an epidemic for a certain class of self-identified and self-named, free association of moniker examples such as Wolf-Spirit-Soaring-With-Eagles-High-In-The-Sky and idioms running amuck and explaining everything as in Native American Proverbs fables mentality. Whew! It is entirely a distorted illusion it already is and any thinking Native would not believe the lofty moniker in the first place.
You may get the point, but many will not, especially if their so-called reputation, paycheck or pride gets the better of them. This attitude of denial, consequentially worsens the everyday struggle for the real Native or Indigenous peoples - the on-the ground, front-lines, Native people who do not dress their words nor don any costumes to prove they are the community, or the people they were born into without the accessories or privilege to do so.
So lets think and talk about this plague of plagiarism infecting the print media, the social on-line plethora of assumptions, unabashed stealing of Indigenous intellectual property . I think you get the drift.
For the week of May 16 through May 23rd, 2013


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