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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Poor House'


MNN. May 25, 2013. Canada’s Prime Minister Harper admits his corporate government should fall. Before he became the new CEO of the Corporation of Canada, he condemned the liberals and demanded the Prime Minister’s resignation over a less corrupt scandal than the one he is dealing with now. Senators oversee the officers of the government on behalf of the shareholders, draft bills and report to the bankers. As the leader of the bankers’ hierarchical system, Harper has to fall on his sword over the exposure of this corruption, “If he has one moral bone in his body”. His “bagman”, Nigel Wright, was ordered, “I told you to discretely take care of that Duffy swindle, you embecile! Now I might have to resign!”
Poor House is that way.
Poor House is that way.
Where will these sewer rats go? If they’re lucky, some will be taking that long walk up the hill to the poor house where a ride home to the Old Country awaits them! The rest will be left behind to live in third world conditions in mold infested, shoddy constructed, e-coli-contaminated shacks that were left behind by the Indigenous people. Inspectors will make sure their houses are built to indecent unlivable standards. You’re going to the new reservation built just for you and your crew near Attawapiskat, Harper. Our third party managers will take care of you. You’ll wish you were sitting in a rotten jail across the sea in the Fatherland, for as long as the grass grows, the rivers flow and the sun rises in the east. 
Our third party managers!
Our third party managers!
You invaders came here with nothing. Your cohorts that are complicit in the brutality against us will be joining you on the new reservations. Your banker buddies will return every cent of our ever-growing $115 trillion Indian Trust Fund and be joining you on the reservations. With our money; you built yourselves the stately Parliament Buildings, homes, railroads and all the infrastructure, which are crumbling. The system based on bribery and corruption is broken. Auditor Deloitte was sent in to balance the books so the whole rotting system could continue and the public would turn a blind eye to the problem. 
smoke signal biggerHarper is in a hurry to get his corporate tribal and band council Injuns to sign over everything to him. He is giving them more power and money to make our living conditions worse to drive us into submission. They have become rich and experts at carrying out the genocide for their masters.  Our houses will be condemned so we have to be removed. Not for the sake of our health, but for the minerals and other wealth underneath.   
The “left behinds” could follow the Great Law of Peace and come to one mind with us. As Five Finger Death Punch sings: “Politicians, bathing in their greed. No idea on how to be all they can be. Have you no honor? Have you no soul? What is it they’re dying for? Do you really even know? Have you no backbone? Have you no spine? Whatever happened to “No one gets left behind”?” No one gets left behind
Harper on Corruption
Canada on Iran TV
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