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May 16, 2013

Navajo Nation and Peabody Coal secret meeting to sell Navajo coal to China

Peabody Energy and the Navajo Nation are planning a trip to China to sell Navajo coal! The meeting is today in Flagstaff.

News reporter Kathy Helms, Gallup Independent, exposes the Navajo Nation's secret agenda with Peabody Coal and China, and rebooting the dirty coal Desert Rock plan on Navajoland in New Mexico. The article also exposes the real agenda of Lawrence Livermore Labs, which has been hanging around Navajoland for decades pretending to do good, when its real agenda was obvious. There's no such thing as clean coal energy, and there's no way to trust anything from Peabody Coal. The dirty energy companies plan to keep raping and destroying Mother Earth by sticking the word 'Green' on their crimes, and corrupt tribal politicians are always up for the freebies and backdoor deals. -- Censored News
Read the article in the print edition of Gallup Independent, May 16, 2013
Navajo President Ben "Shelly and Livermore’s Ronald Cochran signed a memorandum of understanding Feb. 1, 2012, 'initiating a gateway for future development of Navajo energy,' with the lab helping Navajo complete a comprehensive energy assessment of its resources.
Return of Desert Rock
"When the air permit for the coal-fired Desert Rock Power Plant near Burnham was remanded and the project was axed, the plan was to take another look at natural gas or other clean coal technologies, Woods said, one of those being carbon sequestration and storage.
"So they planned a trip to China to look at the GreenGen facility 'because Peabody is actually a stakeholder in that project ... and also talk to their engineers and their scientists and their researchers. President Shelly has been saying that we want to start Desert Rock, and that was the whole reason for this trip back in 2011,' Woods said. But with much of their time consumed by Navajo Generating Station lease discussions and BHP Billiton Navajo Mine negotiations, the Desert Rock/sequestration joint-venture projects by the Navajo Nation and Sithe Global fell by the wayside. With some of those activities winding down, Woods said they are resuming talks ..."

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harry lord said...

The federal recognition process subverts traditional tribal governments sacrificing our sovereign independence for internal Apartheid for the sake of recognition.

Alaska forcible incorporation sacrifice cannibalized tribes to meet domestic energy wanton waste was quickly rerouted to Japan, Panama, Virgin Islands.

Its the same all over good people struggling with crooked governments state, federal and IRA puppet tribal governments.

A triumph to pedagogic brainwashing ala the etiquette of Apartheid in education.