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May 3, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Canada, Your Goose is Cooked'


Bennett editorial cartoon
MNN. May 3, 2013. Indigenous worldwide all have common ownership of our land and resources. For our use, not for profit; political power in the hands of the people; everyone is equal and has a voice; no person exploits another. We all use our inherent natural scientific methods to guide our thought and life. A free and unified Indigenous people is rising, just like the sun and the moon. We will have genuine independence. Corporate colonialism will soon be gone.

jailcell-nativesThe strength of the less oppressed will help all oppressed. Violence will only come when there is an escalation of imperial action. Many corporate tribal and band chiefs will work within the structure of Canada because they are part of it.
The covert war in Canada is well underway against the Indigenous titleholders of the land. All dictatorships begin by criminalizing dissent. 42% on the Prairies are under 30 years of age. By a designed program they are disadvantaged, poorly educated, unemployed and angry. 80% of prisoners in Alberta are Indigenous.
blackwaterplasticjesuscrusadersnov24Canada has come up with a plan to deal with us. Revenue sharing of our $70.9 trillion Indian Trust Fund? A Marshall Plan type of “reconstruction” of non-existent infrastructure. Allow some “native sovereignty” – sovereignty is total independence. Canada is not sovereign. We are! Less incarceration – sending them to labor and death camps. Sharing our resources from our land. Leadership training – brainwashing in military De-sensitizing programs. In return they want safeguards of the transportation infrastructure which they built with our money. More policing – to enforce the police state. Less drugs to our youth, which they control as the drug dealers [CIA = Cocaine Importing Agency].
When the Indigenous uprising starts, the war will end shortly thereafter. The corporations and the shareholders will be cast down. We will not be corralled. It is they who will be going to their own slaughter house. The world is waiting for us. When we stand up, those who want peace and freedom will join us. Canadians, we will not disappoint you. CANADA will definitely be disappointed. As Toronto band, McKenna Mendelson Mainline sang: “Don’t give me no goose for Christmas, grandma. Cut it out. Now don’t you dare. Give me a duck like Old McDonald that goes quack, quack, quackety quack. For a goose just makes me nervous every time I turn my back”.
National Post article on native insurrection
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