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May 19, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Sty Story'



MNN. May 19, 2013. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Senator Mike Duffy, together weigh more than 700 pounds and both feed from the same pig trough. Is pig trough owner, Prime Minister Harper, fattening them up for the slaughter? Similarities are: both will not bow down or repent; both want vengeance against those who exposed their corruption; both said, “They want to destroy me because they envy me”; both think that Harper will cover for them.Cartoon Pigs at the Trough  

Come on, you’re bigger than that! Both have no souls to search. Both are arrogant. They both go to Omar the tentmaker. Ford calls the street youth he supposedly helps “F—–g minorities” and Justin Trudeau, new Liberal Party leader, “a fag!” 
These guys are charismatic and manipulative. They are selected for office, not elected. The spin is that the public supports them. The controllers know they will conduct war and slaughter on the citizens in the blink of an eye [G20 Toronto]. Their emotions and feelings are simulations. The media shows everybody how to act, “It was so real, it was almost like on television or the movies!” 
Mike and Rob: "We are just wonderful. Don't believe the media".
Mike and Rob: “We’re not really bad guys. It’s all spin. Vote for us again!”
These two men are like the people In a children’s film [Wall-E]. Robots are left on earth to clean up the garbage left behind by gluttonous humans. These victims of consumerism and environmental destruction are put into outer space in a floating astro-lab placed in stand-by mode. Having lived with no gravity and doing no work, severe bone loss sets in. Morbid obesity makes them rely on automatic systems to do everything for them. Will they be rescued by their rulers from the slaughterhouse or turned into bacon? 
As soul-less parasites, these trained actors contort emotion at a moment’s notice. They think they can get away with inappropriate behavior while they laugh at us.   
  As Pink Floyd lament s, “Big man, pig man, ha-ha. Charade, you are! You well-heeled big wheel, ha-ha. Charade, you are… When you’re down in the pig mine, you’re nearly a laugh. But you’re really a cry”. Pigs, 3 different ones 
We indigenous have never been a part of the whole corporate fiction, nor will we ever be. The video, “You Are On Indian land”, shows we’ve never stopped pushing for changes.
You are on Indian land
G2o Toronto, Into the fire
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