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May 30, 2013

Texas landowner Eleanor Fairchild in Keystone XL erosion pit

Texas landowner Eleanor Fairchild, previously arrested with Daryl Hannah on Fairchild's east Texas farm,  in erosion pit created by construction of the southern Keystone XL on her land.

By Tarsands Blockade

Last fall, 78-year-old Eleanor was arrested for trespassing ON HER OWN LAND while standing in front of a bulldozer to stop the Keystone XL:

“It is just galling that there is a process you have to follow in matters like this, and TransCanada is just ignoring it,” said Julia Trigg Crawford, another Texas landowner impacted by the Keystone XL.
“They’re tearing up our land despite the appeal. Just because they’re a big corporation, they should not get to circumvent the legal process.”

For more about TransCanada's land grab:

Photo by Kathy DaSilva
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