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May 30, 2013

Scott Barta 'Why are We Here'

Why Are We Here
Ho Cank/DaNakota

As Two-Legged, we must strive to care for the temple of our heart, our physical body, the home of our Spark of Life from the Father Day Sun.
We love the Sacred Earth and the Sacred Water; we don't pollute but maintain and drink the pure Sacred Mother Water that is our Life Blood.
We respect the Sacred Animals and never harm them - our superiors. In the Natural World, there are no abnormal "fat, diabetic, skinny, unhealthy" Deer, Bison, Raccoons, or Beavers, and we learn to live our lives by watching and cherishing these sacred beings.
We give thanks to Grand Father Sky, and the male-female balance of Father Sun and Mother Moon; and to Grand Mother Earth, Father Rock and Mother Water, the Blue and the Green.
We always know where we are on Grand Mother Earth, the Six Directions of our daily lives; towards the Red Direction of the south where the Red Road crosses the the Sky to guide our good, Natural and Animal Ways each treasured day we have upon our Sacred Grand Mother.
To become the best grass food fertilizer we can be when our physical bodies expire so that the Deer, Elk, Antelope, and Bison Nations can eat well and become the future good, healthy food for our grandchildren and future generations of Two-Legged.
Scott Barta
Ho Cank/DaNakota

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