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September 21, 2013

Audio: Canadian spy tries to entrap Kanesatake man

By Tom Fennario and Jorge Barrera
APTN National News

MONTREAL--An agent with Canada’s spy agency tried to entice a Kanesatake man to meet over “coffee” and discuss his recent trip to Greece before turning the conversation personal by bringing up the 1990 Oka Crisis, according to a recording of the phone conversation posted online. The recording offers a revealing snapshot of the tactics agents with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service use to turn targets into informants. 

Anishinabe First Nation Terrance Nelson had this response to Censored News.

"This is what I find so funny about the media trying to tell me that the Government of Canada is not monitoring First Nation leaders. CSIS listens to phone conversations, intercepts emails, texts etc. Recently Eric Robinson, a Cree who is also in the Government of Manitoba, got in trouble over a private text message that he sent to another native person. Robinson called a white woman "do gooder." His text message became public. He got days and days of media coverage in which he was condemned as a racist because he called some white people "do gooders."
"Monitoring of First Nations people is extensive. We as First Nations have the ability to shut down the Canadian economy and affect the American economy. See my attached March 2012 article, How Dangerous is the situation in Canada. The idea that no one is listening is quite stupid. Every First Nations person should be careful what they say and FACEBOOK is the worst. It is a permanent record and some Facebook accounts are regularly monitored.
"Canada is getting a black eye in international circles. We need more of our people going international. They can't keep what they are doing to First Nations in Canada a secret if enough First Nations people get into other countries to speak. My trip to Iran last fall is something the Government tried to stop. When i went to Iraq in 1998, it was not such a big deal because so few of us even went international. Now it is a big deal, because more of us are going international.
"Prime Minister Harper is paranoid. He should be. CSIS farms out the surveillance to low cost countries. So does CIA.
"Thanks for posting the APTN story. I am sending it out worldwide."

Terrance Nelson
Vice Chair American Indian Movement


WWS said...

Too many words... remember 'The Five Words' .... "I have nothing to say!" .... or "No comment!"

Words of wisdom from Tom Metzger


Morgaine D'Clegg said...

I am a Targeted Individual. Know that trac phones, are a joke. Not difficult for them to connect the dots, who is calling who. They are paying attention to all. Take your battery out...and still they can activate and listen in. Keep it away, talk in person...away from technology. They surveil from the TV, can see and hear. It is so networked. Can't go through a toll both. to a gas station, new housing developments, or allow for you to be private in your car. You must know, they are so way ahead of the game. They can be in a car next to yours, and hack the computer in your car, cell, laptop. You are not being paranoid, you are being cautious. to expect them there listening just about anywhere. Smartmeters, now even fridge, dishwasher. It's all connected. Keep away from technology to be private, And people, just do not seem to get it if you say..."do not talk about this on the phone." The first thing they do, is talk about it on the phone. Because it is not yours, but anyone you know, they know of....and are checking in on them too. This is a Spiritual/Physical War, and they have lots of tech in their arsenal. Stay Safe.

Morgaine D'Clegg said...

True, because they can easily take two or three conversations, and turn it into one, taking everything out of context. Total setup.