Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

September 12, 2013

Tewa Women United 'Gathering for Mother Earth'

Tewa Women United & community organizations of concern welcome all communities to bring their families and friends to the 17th Annual Gathering for Mother Earth. Let us all celebrate cultural ways of giving love and gratitude for our Earth Mother. Her life givers need loving care to support us on our life journeys. It is beyond critical time to stabilize energy with wisdom to unite for eco-systemic survival. Time is now to awaken PEACE and stop the violent use of Mother Earth’s life giving energy. We encourage all cultures, all ages, schools, communities and families to bring intergenerational thinking to this wholistic event. Activities will include: youthful activities, healing arts, ecological safety information, drumming circles, Tsankawi Relay Run, health related information sharing, raffle prizes, solar cooking & produce, arts and crafts and solar energy. All with emphasis on Healing Mother Earth to bring sacredness back into our homes of earth-based living. We as humans need to protect the Rights of Natural laws of relationships.
The RE Member ing ” wisdom is being joined by many other community-based organizations who are experiencing the effects of living around nuclear production cycle sites. Afternoon mini-gathering circles will allow participants to spend more intimate time with wisdom keepers, generational midwives, grandmothers, and inspirational singers/drummers such as: the Pacific Curls from New Zealand; Beverly Doxtator of Native Lifeways, Inc. (Canada), Yolanda Teran & Jose Males- Ecuador, Katia Delgado and others from Peru.
The Saturday communal meal entrees include the traditional “sister” foods of beans, corn and squash with buffalo, salmon plus more. Come prepared to revitalize beloved community energy to nurture all relations with water and sky with supported solar energy .
A wide variety of natural healing and conventional practitioners to come: herbalists, cuaranderas, massage, therapists, reflexologists as well as Healing Touch, acupuncturists, energy work, polarity work, reiki, and others. Local Native dance groups & others : Tewa Suns,The Danza Mexika dancers, Tash Terry and Elena music from Indigie Femme . Community Leadership is Sober, Truth seeking, Responsible and Healthy Alcohol and drugs NOT allowed – give love & thanks for healing Spirits of Waters and wildlife from the fires.

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