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September 5, 2013

Indigenous Action Media says Cher “Remix” Video Brings out the Hate

Cher “Remix” Video Brings out the Hate

By Indigenous Action Media
Reposted with permission at Censored News

LogoTV recently published a remix of Cher’s new video for her single “Woman’s World”
featuring former Rupaul’s Drag Race contestant Wilam in a war bonnet style headdress.

The look is an apparent homage to Cher’s 1973 video performance of “Half Breed” 
where she wore a similarly styled headdress while riding a horse and singing. Watch it here:
While the video may not go as far as No Doubt’s recent “Looking Hot” debacle,
it still perpetuates a trend that is best addressed at
The song “Woman’s World” is from Cher’s upcoming album “Closer to The Truth,” apparently 
this video’s supporters are a bit closer to hate.
Read some of the Youtube comments below including one posted through
our youtube site that received so many negative votes it is now hidden:
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