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September 7, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Poker and War'

Poker and War

Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Sep. 7, 2013. US Senator John McCain was caught playing poker on his cell phone during the planning session to kill Syrian people. He laughed, “The worst part is that I lost $10 grand!” Corporate war-mongers are amoral serial killers. They are sex offenders on a large scale. Both get a kick out of killing masses of people. 

Some sex offenders keep souvenirs linking them to their victims. It fuels their sense of themselves and the power they think they have over their victims. Mass murderers take the wealth of their victims called the “spoils of war”.   

Gruesome killings are carefully planned out, not random. When 150 million Indigenous were murdered, no evidence was supposed to be left that we ever existed. They left no bragging rights on their brutality to scare everybody! Today we are finding Indigenous artifacts hanging on the wall of the corporate monsters, to remind them of their skill in carrying out bizarre atrocities on millions without guilt punishment.

The offenders document their crimes to re-experience the thrill of their debased cruelty. War museums, films and school books show how they can take any victim they chose any way they like and tell it as they please.

Photo: Senator John McCain: “I got bored and had to amuse myself somehow!”

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