Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

September 30, 2013

Long Walk 4 Wichita Kansas 'Fight the Tarsands'



Thanks to Western Shoshone Long Walker Bad Bear Sampson for sharing these photos with Censored News! Wichita, Kansas on Sunday!
Joni Taylor Tucker writes to Censored News:
September 29, 2013: Longest Walk 4: Circle Gathering for Rally at the "Keeper of the Plains." Michael Lane discussed Indigenous Sovereignty with supporters. Longest Walk 4 Supporter Kent Rowe of Wichita State University and the Sierra Club, Wichita Kansas Chapter, passionately spoke about the fight against the Keystone tar sands pipeline and it's destruction to Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Several local Sierra club members attended the Rally. Rowe asked all to join in the fight as well as encouraged individuals go off grid or commit to find ways in reducing their use of petroleum and coal.    

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