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September 12, 2013

Clara Curtiss Photos Long Walk 4 Marshall, Missouri

Photos by Clara Curtiss
By Brenda Norrell
Photos by Long walker Clara Curtiss
Censored News

Join the Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, as they walk through Kansas City! Contact the walkers at or at their cell: 202-436-6576.
Thanks to Long Walker Clara Curtiss for sharing her photos with Censored News of Long Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz in Marshall, Missouri this week. Clara was on Long Walk 2 northern route in 2008. 
"Long walkers made it 25 miles, running and walking, was nice to get out and pray," Clara said after joining Long Walk 4 walkers this week.
Michael Lane said on Tuesday, "We are indeed staying in Marshall at a farm with some nice people named Dan and Rebecca. We walked 24 miles today." Lane said today, Friday, was a rest day and camp was moved to near Independence. 
Late Wednesday, Lane said on Day 59 the walkers covered 33 miles. "We had six children and babies out there today in a mixed walking and running day, with special recognition to Gordo, who is seven, and ran two miles with the Sovereignty Staff."
Lane asked for more people to write about their own sovereignty issues as well.
Native youth walkers and runners are always appreciated when they join the walk.
Supporters of the walk in Kansas, Colorado and Utah are asked to arrange camping or sleeping places for the walkers. Hot meals and good quality camping gear for fall and winter are also appreciated.
Donate at Longest Walk 4 PayPal at:

If you can host the walkers in your area, or provide meals, please contact the walk at: or at their cell: 202-436-6576.

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