Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

September 23, 2013

Updated Peltier Tribunal Witnesses and Judges

Preliminary Agenda
Scroll down for witness list, judges list

October 2-4, 2013

Sponsored by the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee – International Office
Oneida Nation in Green Bay, WI

Update: Censored News coverage

Censored News original coverage of the Peltier Tribunal in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Peltier Tribunal Findings: Restoration of Justice in Indian country

Day 3 Peltier Tribunal: Findings and Testimony, Manny Pino uranium mining genocide

Day 2: Peltier Tribunal Lenny Foster and Dorothy Ninham, Visits to Peltier in prison, Native prisoner rights

Day 1: Peltier Tribunal Reign of Terror on Pine Ridge, Peltier calls Tribunal

Dakota written testimony by Chris Mato Nunpa, Dakota historian and professor

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