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September 3, 2013

Photos Long Walk 4 through St Louis by April Rhodes



Thank you April Rhodes for sharing your photos of Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz through St Louis with Censored News! Click on image to enlarge. 
April said she asked walkers what they needed that people could donate: Another tent; air mattresses; lighting for camp; and laptop to plan route.

By Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz
Photos by April Rhodes
Censored News
ST LOUIS -- The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz crossed the Mississippi River and had a brief Ceremony under the Arch, continuing on to Brentwood. During out time in this area, we held a prayer vigil on top of the largest mound at Cahokia Mounds. Recognition of the issues relating to Indigenous Sovereignty was part of this, as well as remembering those that have passed on. Two Walkers from the 2008 Northern Route were remembered; Willie Lonewolf and Danny Wyatt. In the Ceremony prior to the vigil, the Mississippi Water Walkers were also recognized.The Arch is considered to be the gateway to westward expansion. It is a symbol of manifest destiny, where the nation-state colonizers believed, and still believe, that it is their destiny to dominate the world. It should be remembered that the Indigenous Sovereignty of Indigenous Nations was recognized not only by the Indigenous Nations but also by the same nation-states at the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition and the so called Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Today we affirmed Indigenous Sovereignty under the arch and carry that affirmation with us as we continue west toward Alcatraz.
Western Shoshone long walker Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson said the walkers and runners made it 44 miles, Tuesday, to O'Fallon, Missouri, after walking through St Louis.

Update Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013
Update: Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz. Left the St.Louis area yesterday. They are now at Graham Cave State Park in Central Mo. Hwy 70 mile marker 170. They got a small break in the heat. High temps will be back next week. Support these walkers as they sacrafice for all. Support needed along their route. Check out for more info and donations directly to them.
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More Long Walker photos from St Louis by Mark Swain
Leonard Peltier inspires long walkers
Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz Route and PayPal for donations:
The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz MISSOURI Schedule
September 2 – 8 - Cahokia Mounds to Jefferson City, MO 136 miles
September 9 – 15 - Jefferson City to Kansas City MO 146 miles
If you can help locate stay places or offer assistance in Missouri or elsewhere, please e-mail the Logistics Coordinator: Cell to offer assistance: 202-436-6576

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